Man in Guatemala returns to volcano-struck home to rescue his dog

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Guatemala resident Ignacio Lopez Benitez returned to his volcano-struck village near El Rodeo to rescue his dog on Monday. The volcano erupted on Sunday sending hot lava and heavy ash down the slopes – killing dozens of people who thought the flow of lava would be slow – thus giving residents time to evacuate their homes.

According to the Telegraph, by Monday evening, Benitez stated he returned to his home to recover some of his personal belongings, but above all wanted to rescue his little dog Brava.

“I lost everything; my family is alive thanks to God. They are burned but alive. I rescued some clothing and the rest God will take care of that, and my dog who is my whole soul,” stated Ignacio while carrying his treasured dog tightly in his arms.

Ignacio stated he was overwhelmed with happiness after finding that Brava had survived; the pooch was just as ecstatic to find his human, and even though the dog was covered in ash from the volcano, both seemed as if they would make a new start together.

Tragically, the death toll has been counted at 69 and is expected to increase as rescue workers have tried their best to cover the affected area around the Fuego volcano. Residents cried for their lost relatives in  the village of San Miguel Los Lotes while villagers of several affected communities gathered in temporary shelters in Escuintla.

We can only hope more families and their pets survived. Our thoughts and hopes are with everyone.

(Photos screenshots via and cachorros)

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11 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    Why in THIS WORLD AREN”T THERE MORE PEOPLE like IGNACIO and his family !!! Just seeing the contentment on his little dog’s face and the very fact IGNACIO and companion risked their own lives to get Brava and they didn’t even know he was alive… is so Heart — Warming… I am elated they were able to find him alive and not seriously hurt or dead…

  2. slv says:

    What a wonderful man! So glad he found his little buddy alive and well. Prayers to him and all the people of Guatemala during this tragedy.

  3. susispot says:

    I love that man. God’s blessings as you and your family work to put your lives back together. My heart breaks for those that lost all.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Thank you Mr. Ignacio Lopez for going back to your home to rescue Brava – he depended on you to keep him safe and you did not let him down.


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