Man implicated in death of 3 dogs is fined $300

Man implicated in dogs' death has been fined
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A dog handler, implicated in the death of three dogs who perished after being left inside of a car on a hot day, has been fined after pleading guilty to three counts of confining animals. According to the Des Moines Register, Craig Eugene must pay a $300 fine for the July 8 incident in Ottumwa, Iowa, which left the dogs dead.

Eugene claims that he left the dogs inside of a vehicle which was running on the 89-degree day – the dogs were inside of a car that was parked outside of an American Kennel Club All Breeds Dog Show which was being held at the Bridge View Center. The dog handler’s attorney argued that the malfunctioning car “was not reasonably foreseeable.” The dogs were reported to be inside of the vehicle, unattended, for approximately 35-40 minutes on the day of the incident.

Because of the plea deal, one count against Eugene was dismissed.

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  1. Complete and utter BULLSHIT!
    Rep Steve King (R) IA continues to do everything in his abhorrent power to condone and promote dog fighting, and obstruct/repeal any-and-all protective laws in place for both companion and domesticated/wild/farm/food industry animals… and this paltry, farcical “punishment” – sans ANY incarceration – is yet another example of Iowan lawmakers’ reprehensible disregard for the lives of these beings.
    Iowa for me, merely represents a flat, uninteresting, abysmal stretch of desolate highways on rescue transports from southern states to refuge in Minnesota and Canada….

    • I live in Iowa and it’s not as horrible as you describe. Yes, Steve King is a POS; unfortunately, I can’t vote him out of office because I don’t live in that district. I love my dogs more than life itself…..and I’m not the only one in Iowa who feels that way about our furry family members. I have also driven MANY miles transporting dogs to Minnesota.

  2. Damn these plea deals. This is atrocious No justice for the dogs at all. It is no more than a “get off free” card. Which dog was not worth fighting for? You need to get some people with a conscience and heart because it is for sure there wasn’t one in court that day. SHAMEFUL.

  3. malfunction happens that’s why you check on them many times. Anything can happen. Now those fur babies are dead because of what he did wrong. He should have checked them just in case something went wrong.

  4. Really that’s fucking bullshit stick his fucking ass in a car that’s up to 100 and leave him in side to die Fucking bastard

  5. I don’t live in Iowa and this bastard should be very glad I don’t – this punk is no dog handler – he is a dog abuser and murderer – and to give him nothing but a damn $300.00 fine is barely a slap on the hand – Craig Eugene needs and definitely deserves a huge dose of street justice and I truly hope he gets it. Thanks to whoever the brain dead judge was – he just decided these dogs were nothing more than disposable objects – the ONLY disposable object here is Craig Eugene.


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