Man facing cruelty charge for throwing dog from car

Man facing animal cruelty charge for throwing dog from car

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A man in Long Island, New York, has been arrested and is facing cruelty charges after he allegedly threw a dog out of a car on the night of January 18. According to the New York Daily News, 20-year-old Caciem Kruer, of Brentwood, was arrested on Friday – he is facing charges for abandonment and cruelty to animals.

According to the Suffolk County SPCA, the abandoned dog, a two-year-old pit bull named Creed, was “covered in blood,” and had a laceration on his paw when he was found on the corner of Elmhurst Street and Washington Ave. in Holtsville. Suffolk County SPCA Detectives arrested Caciem Kruer, 20, after a comprehensive, thorough investigation.

If Kruer is convicted, he can face jail time of up to a year for each charge – he may also face fines up to $1,000 for each charge.

(Screenshot via NY Daily News)

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Abandoned pit bull left tied to a fence at cemetery

13 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    That is not a man. I don’t know what it is, but I know it’s not a man. Male – perhaps. But having a penis does not qualify for being labeled or called a man. Being a man requires acting with kindness, compassion, empathy and with regard to other living, sentient beings. This maggot SOS doesn’t even qualify as a human being because it knows nothing about being human.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Did he use his dog for fighting? Throw him out of a moving car and let another car run him over. Hope he spends at least a year in jail. Long Island New York is where they have MS 13 gangs so he could be part of that to. A double threat to people and animals.

  3. Marni says:

    How many charges were there? Well, I’m wondering, can they make up some so he stays in jail longer? Like for stupidity. I hope he gets locked up with two big strong animal lovers who hate to see animals abused.

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    AT 20 this “Ethnic Piece of Crap” has learned how to be a cruel, brutal, vile, blight to society… hope he falls on the subway rail, or under a city bus!!! Who the hell needs another abuser like this to continue torturing animals, and other humans. He is taking up the atmospheric air, that decent humans can use to breath!!!

  5. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Hopefully he gets lots of charges thrown at him and gets the maximum penalty for each one! I like the thought of making up charges for him!

  6. Helen says:

    Disgusting. The scumbag should be thrown out of a running train. I hope the poor pup recovers and adopted out to a loving family.

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    This fucking piece of garbage with the made up name needs to be tied to the back of a semi and floored. Whoever or whatever raised him did one hell of a lousy job – this black punk is useless, will always be useless, has no future except to be sitting in Attica for the rest of his waste of a life. Caciem Kruer – I truly hope there is some major street justice awaiting your scumbag black ass – and may it be lethal.

  8. Red says:

    IF ….. IF this monster is found guilty?!?!?!? REALLY? I am guessing there was an eye witness . Lock these usless, worthless, excuse of a human up and NEVER let him out.
    Fine him, put his idiot name on a national registry……….. keep piling up the citations!

  9. pamela bolton says:

    there is no IF. Put his butt in jail and forget about him. He has no heart or compassion for others, he doesn’t need to be out in society spreading his filth.


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