Man drills holes through shell of endangered tortoise to keep on leash

A Pahrump, Nevada man has been accused of drilling holes through the shell of an endangered desert tortoise to keep it on a leash. Phillip Peng faces two felony charges of animal cruelty after the animal was found struggling to stay afloat in a bucket of water.

According to News3lv, Nye County Sheriff’s deputies had been making an arrest on an unrelated incident when they found the tortoise. Peng told authorities he found the animal four years ago and used a power drill to make the holes in its shell so he could keep it on a leash.

A reptile specialist told authorities drilling the holes in the tortoise’s shell would have caused “extreme pain.” The animal is named as the Nevada State Reptile and is protected under the United States Endangered Species Act making it illegal to remove the tortoise from the wild without a special permit.

A veterinarian has since examined the tortoise and stated it is doing fine.

Peng remains in jail.

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10 replies
    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Hell, yes – you get two minutes, then I get two minutes and we can send his body parts back to China on a leaky raft. He deserves no less.

  1. Adrienne says:

    Use the same drill and put 2 holes in his head and then a leash thru those holes so he could be walked around. What kind of creature is he to even attempt to drill holes in the shell of this tortoise? Didn’t he even think it might be illegal? Well, now I guess he has found out and hope the holes in the tortoise can be repaired or sealed up somehow.

  2. Carol Green says:

    I wondered when I saw this tortoise struggling and trapped in the “bucket” of water if the Nye County Sheriff deputies would get a clue that the tortoise; #1 did not belong in water and was close to drowning as it struggled, and; #2 was being treated cruelly by the idiot they had just arrested. This incident aired on Live PD a few weeks ago and was very disturbing to watch as the deputy just stood there watching that poor tortoise struggling for a long time before he decided to take it out of the water and hook it up to the leash he had discovered lying on the patio and using the holes drilled into it’s shell to keep in contained.

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    I thought that was terrible when I saw it on tv! This guy is either cruel or has no brain cells! So glad the tortoise is okay.

  4. Diana Rowell says:

    No, I say use the drill to put some holes in his penis, it’s the ONLY way for him to KNOW the same pain he inflicted on this innocent turtle. Talk about deportations, they ought to focus on these vile, sadistic Chinese pukes and send them packing. There are many immigrants coming from gang terrorized areas that would NEVER do anything like that, as they KNOW the VALUE of LIFE. Period!

  5. Red says:

    I hope this pinhead never gets out of jail….Chinese are notoriously mean, cruel and vile when it comes to animals….. they do not have any empathy for animals….they are just sick, cruel creatures.


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