Man confronts hostile owner after he rescues her dogs from scorching car

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A Good Samaritan confronted the hostile owner of two dogs that he saved from inside of a scorching car on one of the hottest days this summer on Wednesday. Danny Cruttwell filmed the video of the contentious moments at a Tesco store in Horshame, West Sussex as the temperatures outdoors soared above 91 degrees.

According to Auto Evolution, the 35-year-old scaffolder saved the mother and pup, Staffordshire and boxer mixes,  from the car which turned out to have been unlocked. He gave them water, and at that moment the owner arrived. The woman was hostile and claimed she had only been in the store for “two seconds.” The owner’s watch must not have been working.

“I saw the dogs when I first got to the store and then after taking an hour to do my shopping, they were still there when I left,” Danny stated according to the Mirror. “I could tell they were in distress. They were panting and pacing through the car. I knew I needed to get them out urgently as they  had no access to water.”

Danny had planned to break the side window of the car to rescue the dogs, however the car had been unlocked. The hostile woman called Danny an “arrogant pig” after he confronted her.

Danny wants to remind people not to leave their pets in cars during the summer’s heat.

“A person wouldn’t be able to cope with being left in a scorching car, and neither can a dog,” he said.

Since his viral video, Danny continues to be hailed as a hero, and humbly only admits to being in the right place at the right time. He has called upon the public to stop sending the owner nasty messages, stating she obviously did something wrong, but hoped she had learned a lesson.

Check out the video from Danny’s Facebook page. So far there have been more than 3 million views.

(Photos and video of dogs rescued from scorching car via Facebook Danny Cruttwell)


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12 replies
  1. SueBiss says:

    The stupid bitch didn’t want to admit she was wrong leaving her dogs in a hot car. I would have been apologizing all over the place if it were my dogs suffering in the car in the heat. I would have thanked the man for helping my dogs and giving them water. Being a man he was able to stand up to her and not take her nasty mouth. She shouldn’t be allowed to own the animals and be investigated by the animal authorities in the UK.

  2. Red says:

    The very first thing GUILTY PEOPLE DO is get mad and accuse SOMEONE else of impropriety…… Admit you are wrong. IF YOU LEAVE PETS IN A CAR, NO AIR, NO WATER, AND IT IS SUMMER…………YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave them home in your air conditioned home!
    Thank you to the gentleman who rescued them despite the wrath of the vile owner.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    GIANT THANK YOU to Danny Cruttwell for being a concerned citizen and confronting the ignorant woman who left her dogs to die in a car. If not for your intervention both dogs could have easily died and this stupid female’s name calling only showed exactly WHO is the ignorant pig – HER. She should have been arrested and have her nasty ass sitting in a cell, which would maybe wake her up. Again, Mr. Cruttwell, you are a hero for these dogs who could have perished if not for you – don’t stop intervening for animals – we need more good Samaritans like yourself.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Good for this man and many others would do the same in this weather to save a dog or even cat. Where the hell are the owners brains when they leave their so call cherished pet in a hot car.They get out of the car after turning off the AC and the car, so they really don’t feel what the animal is feeling once they leave the car. The inside of cars heat up so quickly that even a few minutes is too much for an animal. If they truly loved their pets, they would either leave the animal home or have someone sitting in the car with the dog so they can give the dog water,open a window or even turn the AC on. Never leave your dog alone in the car, period.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    I applaud Danny for not wanting people to send nasty messages to this woman, but whether she learned anything or not is suspect. She wouldn’t have been calling him names and making excuses if she were indeed sorry for what she did. In my opinion she needs all nastiness she receives, she certainly wasn’t appreciative that someone saved her dogs!

  6. J. Martin says:

    The stupid broad calls this guy an arrogant pig after he confronted her after saving her dogs?? .. This hero (Danny Cruttwell) should have tossed her in her own trunk .

  7. Marni Montanez says:

    Nasty woman. She could have been appreciative that he cared about her dogs. He just cared. God bless this man. I hope people keep leaving nasty messages.. Obviously she can’t learn. She thinks she’s right. SHE IS WRONG!! who is she?

  8. Christine Brown says:

    Thank you Danny for getting the 2 dogs out of the car.
    The BITCH who left the two dogs in the car ought to be ashamed with herself and stop telling lies and admit that she was in the wrong.
    People who leaves dogs in cars should have the same treatment
    If its a hot day leave your dogs at home its not rocket science.
    Here in Australia its illegal to leave dogs in cars and you could get a very heavy fine and a prison sentence
    Shared this story on Face Book

  9. jewels2U says:

    Look, Id call for a dog in distress too, but, let me say that some people call when There isn’t a problem.
    I took my dog to work with me at 4 AM and I got off at 12:30PM.
    It was 65° and a woman had called the police stating that my dog was not in distress but it was getting warm thatvday. Getting warm does not warrant police action. By the time the police arrived my dog and I were on an hour long walk and they waited for me to return. My dog was not panting, she has water in the car, she had a battery-operated fan, I have a digital thermometer in the car. I bring her a KONG after our 0800 walk. It has frozen yogurt, pumpkin, and peanut butter in it.
    She is never in danger or I’d take her home.
    I’m not saying that this person was wrong. What I’m saying is that there are fanatics out there who are ruining it for those people who really want to help a dog in distress.


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