Man charged for amputating dog's tail with branch clippers

Man charged after lopping off dog’s tail with branch clippers

A man in Sarasota, Florida, is facing charges for allegedly lopping of his dog’s tail with branch clippers. According to the New York Post, 77-year-old Pablo Vega-Padron is facing felony aggravated animal cruelty charges for chopping off his Chihuahua mix’s “rotting” tail with the yard tool.

The accusation of cruelty

According to a release from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, a neighbor alerted animal services to a potential problem with Vega-Padron’s one-year-old dog, Randy. Officers visited the man’s home on August 17 and found Randy wearing bandages on his tail and front legs – the dog’s owner was advised to seek emergency veterinary help for the dog, who was suffering from an infection.

A short time later, deputies were notified by the Parkway Animal Hospital that after the bandages were removed, they discovered that a portion of Randy’s tail was missing. Vega-Padron later admitted that his dog’s tail appeared to be rotting, so he had used the branch cutters to amputate it.

Deputies later discovered the dog’s amputated tail, and the branch cutters, at the accused man’s home.

Vega-Padron was released Tuesday on $1,500 bond. Randy has since been adopted and is expected to make a full recovery.

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6 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    He Looks like ” The Godfather” !!! What a Evil , Cold hearted SOB if he find out who the neighbor who reported him is A Horse Head could be the Next Find on the List of Body Parts!!!

  2. Sue says:

    Here’s a handy dandy guide regarding amputations at home, using garden tools, and no sterilization or anesthetic: If you wouldn’t do it to yourself, don’t do it to others!

  3. Laura says:

    As long as animals are considered property and we have all sorts of legalized animal torture and killing, as in vivisection labs, meat/dairy/egg farms, etc., it will continue to be extremely hard to get these disgusting crimes treated as seriously as they deserve. We need a whole new understanding of animals and how we don’t have the right to treat them as property and commodities. I’m glad that little dog Randy has a proper home now, as I assume the home and everyone there was thoroughly screened.


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