Man caught on video abandoning senior pooch after buying milk

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Animal cruelty officers from the Riverside County Department of Animal Services are seeking information about the man who loaded milk and groceries into his car outside of a Hemet supermarket, but left a senior pooch behind in its pet carrier.

According to the Press Enterprise, the ten-year-old Chihuahua was found by an employee in the supermarket’s parking lot located at 43396 Florida Avenue on January 19. The entire scene was captured on surveillance video.

“The man bought milk and other items, then exited the store and loaded his groceries and then unloaded the pet carrier. The man then drove off in a blue vehicle.”

During an investigation, the license plate photo belonged to a different vehicle other than the blue Ford seen on the video. Now authorities are asking for the public’s help.

“Our investigation needs the public’s help. The plate may be bogus, but this man must be driving this same car. Also, the in store cameras captured a clear image of the man. So we’re hopeful someone knows where this person is so we can make contact and, ultimately, interview him about his actions that day.”

Abandoning an animal is considered animal cruelty and can be charged as a misdemeanor. The Chihuahua is doing fine although he is timid. Aside from some needed dental work, the little guy is quite healthy. At this time, he is not available for adoption, but stay tuned. Anyone with information is asked to call 951.358.7387.

(Photos of dog and man buying milk but leaving senior pooch behind by Riverside County Animal Services)

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  1. I don’t understand people who do this. Why can’t they just take the dog inside an animal control building and surrender the dog in a safe place?????????
    What garbage.

    • Most people take the easy way out, leaving the dog with animal control is not easy, they are asked questions and people don’t want the hassle. We’re a society of very lazy people who only want easy. Sad state of affairs!

  2. You have money to buy food but dump your dog. You are a waste of life and should pay a heavy fine when caught and never be allowed to own any type of animal. More and more people do this and have no soul. Disgusting to do something like this to an older dog who was a member of your family. You will be abandoned when you are older too.

  3. I swear they need to re-establish the FIRING SQUAD for some of these POS. Creatures like this don’t even deserve to breath clean air. And they think that HUMANS are the superior being. This is proof that they are at the bottom of the chain.

  4. This piss poor example of a ‘man’ is known by someone – this was a deliberate cruel act – the license plate was fake which is proof he intended to just dump this poor dog – he needs to be found and held responsible – and as for it being a ‘misdemeanor’ – that is a bunch of garbage – ANY deliberate animal cruelty should be classified as a felony – this ‘human’ is a waste of flesh and blood and should be treated like such.


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