Man arrested after leaving dog alone in hot vehicle

Dog rescued from hot car, owner arrested
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Temperatures have started to climb in many parts of the nation, and already, someone has been arrested for making the poor decision to leave their dog unattended inside of a hot vehicle. According to KMPH News, a man has been arrested and he is facing a charge of animal cruelty after he left his dog alone inside of a hot truck in Fresno, California, on Sunday.

Thanks to the efforts of a good Samaritan, eight-year-old Peewee was rescued from inside of 62-year-old Ruben Rosas’ truck – the good Samaritan used a brick to break out a window of Rosas’ vehicle and the car owner wasn’t happy about it. Fortunately, the law was on the side of the good Samaritan and not only does he not have to pay to replace the broken vehicle window, but the car owner is facing a felony for leaving little Peewee inside of the hot car.

Fresno Humane Animal Services took custody of Peewee – Rosas might be able to get his dog back if he pays the necessary fees and fines, unless the court decides otherwise.

(Screenshot via KMPH News)

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  1. Another case where the truck window means more than the supposed to be “loved” pet dying inside! I suppose this summer will be just like all the rest with story after story of pets dying inside their owner’s vehicles because the pet owners are too “stupid” or just don’t care.

  2. Never give this dog back to the owner who left him inside his truck to die from the heat.The next time the dog is in his car, he will die. Instead of being remorseful, he is angry that he window was broken instead of the fact his dog’s life was saved.Shows where his priorities are. Never ever should this poor little dog be back with this imbecile.

  3. Already the idiots have appeared with their lack of brain power and leave a little dog in a hot car – where do these jerks come from??? With all the stories of the assholes who leave animals in cars and prance away for hours with no concern for their animal’s welfare you would think it would sink in – But apparently, Ruben Rosa has the intelligence of sewer water as he left little PeeWee alone to die – THANK GOD there was a good Samaritan who stepped up and saved this little dog – and instead of being grateful, braindead Rosa got pissed because his car window got broken – he should only be allowed to have a pet rock – way too stupid for anything living.

    • Agreed. Peewee is adorable (& I would adopt him in a heartbeat if I were in that area)……. I live in Northern California, so I doubt they would let me adopt him, but he IS welcome in my home…..

  4. If this idiot felt it was ok to leave this little dog in the hot truck to begin with, he does not deserve to have the dog back. He does it o ce, he WILL do it again

  5. The good Samaritan was the hero. So glad he found a brick. Good guy. Poor pup suffered so and now he may go back for more if the court doesn’t do something reasonable.

  6. I For one hope they find a RESCUE to take Peewee!!! He was not treated or loved as he should have been … May the rest of his little life be better for him!!!!!


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