Man allegedly shot puppy in child's arms

Man allegedly shot and killed puppy who was being held by a child

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A man in Atlanta, Georgia, is accused of firing a shot which killed a puppy who was being held by a child. The terrifying incident took place outside of a home in the 1200 block of Hightower Road on September 13, reported 11 Alive News.

What led up to the shooting?

According to the news agency, a witness stated that an eight-year-old boy was outside playing with other children when the suspect walked by – the puppy, a chocolate Labrador retriever mix named Lady, ran out towards the man and another woman. A witness has stated that the boy ran and picked up the puppy, who was then shot by the man.

Officers who responded to the incident found the puppy dead on the road and a shell casing in the front yard of a home.

The suspect

The police released a photo of the suspect, who has been identified by witnesses as Qundias De’Shun Jackson. Jackson supposedly had interacted with the puppy in a positive way just one day before the shooting.

Jackson, described as a black male in his early 20’s, stocky build, around 5’7 to 5’8, is wanted for questioning by the police.

(Image screenshot via 11 Alive News)

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  1. Bev Woodburn says:

    Kill this psychopathic depraved animal murdering monster Qundias De’Shun Jackson. This vile and evil animal murdering monster killing a precious and innocent chocolate Labrador retriever mix named Lady for no reason, just for this monsters thrill of killing a defenceless and innocent puppy.Please someone get to this psycho monster Qundias De’Shun Jackson and kill the vile and evil bastard before this vile and evil monster deliberately kills another defensless and innocent sentient being.
    RIP beautiful Lady – You have crossed the beautiful Rainbow Bridge into Animal Heaven. Fly hight beautiful girl.


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