Man accused of punching puppy – causing fatal injuries

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A North Carolina man is facing a charge of felony animal cruelty for allegedly punching his puppy and causing fatal injuries. According to the Fayetteville Observer, 22-year-old Kevin Walters, of Jacksonville, made his first appearance in court on Friday for the crime which took place on June 11.

Man accused of punching his puppy

Walters allegedly launched the vicious attack after picking up his three-month-old Belgian Malinois mix while the puppy was peeing on a porch. According to a release, Walters picked the puppy up by the neck, which caused the puppy to turn and grab his arm. It was then that the man allegedly began punching the puppy in the side.

The damage was done

The punching led to broken ribs – one of which punctured a lung. Walters realized that something was wrong when the puppy began to show signs of labored breathing. The man took the puppy to a veterinarian, but the damage was done and the pup died during treatment.


Onslow County Animal services has charged Walters with felony cruelty to animals. The man is currently free on $5000 bond and due back in court on July 5.

(Booking photo of alleged puppy killer via Fayetteville Observer)

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12 replies
  1. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    That asshole needs to have his ass beaten the same way he treated that innocent puppy. He deserves to stay in Prison.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Another POS with “anger” issues. I hope he doesn’t get off with just a slap on the wrist. He murdered this poor puppy and deserves a jail sentence! I hope he never is allowed to own a pet again!

  3. Diana Rowell says:

    Somebody needs to beat this sub-human maggot until ALL his ribs are broken and he cannot see, then take this worthless ass wipe out to a deserted area and dump him like the piece of S**T that he IS. Period!

  4. Bunny Peters says:

    Lock this POS up and lose the keys!!!!!

    He will soon graduate to humans….. she doesn’t deserve to live (if this had been my puppy, this POS would have been in the morgue & I would be in jail)…..

    RIP Precious Puppy…… Your life was stolen from you….. You didn’t deserve to be murdered…… please look for MacKitty in Heaven….. you will be welcome to join his group of snuggle buddies…….. so sorry that you were failed so horribly by humans……..

    That POS who murdered you will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty……. let’s hope he gets there ASAP after suffering a terrible death in pain, alone, afraid and unloved…….

  5. Red says:

    Why is it that all of these “big bad men” have to beat up and abuse animals???? BECAUSE THEY are too damn chicken to pick on someone their own size. If the courts do not start really HURTING THESE monsters by throwing them behind bars for YEARS and fining them HUNDREDS and putting the on a national registry….this will not stop. They do what they want, if caught, the judge just slaps their hand and that is it!

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    HE NEEDS a 38 shoved up his Anus!!! And purified!!! This will take care of his “Shitty and Hostile Attitude Forever!!!!! His poor dog was not standing on this Bastards Bed was he!!! His parents Should be DAMN PROUD of What a Moronic Bastard they Spawned!!!

  7. J. Martin says:

    Stick the FUCKER in general population of a local prison. They LOATHE animal/child abusers… I pretty much guarantee he’d be someone’s BITCH before long.

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another punk who can beat up a defenseless puppy but would be running to Mommy if confronted by someone who could defend themselves. Now he is out on a lousy $5000.00 bond after killing this little one – I pray there is someone in Jacksonville, NC who will take Kevin Walters into the woods and beat the life out of him. He deserves exactly what he gave this puppy – nothing less.


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