Man who killed dog with glass bottles arrested

Man accused of killing mom’s dog with glass bottles arrested

The Maryland man, accused of fatally beating his mom’s dog with glass bottles earlier this year, has been arrested.  According to multiple sources, 33-year-old Jerome Irvin Luedtke Jr. was arrested on Wednesday – he is facing a charge of aggravated cruelty to animals.

The authorities were tipped off to the crime by staff at Pet+E.R., the veterinary hospital where the grievously injured Chihuahua, Ginger, was brought for treatment. As reported by WBALTV, Luedtke allegedly hit the little dog multiple times in the head with glass bottles after the dog bit his hand. The suspect’s girlfriend was able to convince him to take the dog to a veterinarian for care, but Ginger’s injuries were so severe that she had to be euthanized.

A warrant for Luedtke’s arrest has been issued since January 29, but the man was only recently found by the Baltimore Police.

(Booking photo Baltimore Police Department)

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15 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    His manhood should be Nipped off with pinking sheers and tossed to a flock of chickens… since he is a “chicken shit” that shouldn’t spawn any moronic offspring!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    All these comments are perfect. What a son, and to treat his mother’s dog this way, shows that this cretin has no feelings for his own mother and then was recently found. Put him in a wood chipper and be done with him. Maybe if more physical punishments like that were instituted, these scum might think that if they are caught, something physically harmful would happen to them.

    • Animal Advocate says:

      Totally agreed. Prevent future crime, potential serial killers or serial
      rapists and animal
      abusers! More physical punishments need to be instituted!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    O Jerome Luedtke – Now that his has been captured – I hope this white punk’s ass is used and abused in every way possible by some predatory inmates – his cruelty deserves it – only a fucking spineless coward picks on those unable to defend themselves and he picked on the most defenseless, a small Chihuahua – and his loser girlfriend is not much better – she should have stuck a knife in his back – I sure would have. This little dog did not deserve to be treated so poorly – and I truly hope this punk gets his just dues in jail – as viciously as possible.

    • Animal Advocate says:

      Well said. The girlfriend should also be arrested if she was present as an accomplice. If she found out afterwards I hope she called the police. He probably abused her as well or would have . Death penalty is warranted in this case and not by lethal injection-too humane.


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