Little 8-year-old girl rescues her baby brother and dog from Chicago fire

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On a Friday afternoon, a very brave 8-year-old girl has been called a hero after fire department officers said the child rescued her one-year-old baby brother and the family dog as a fire broke out in their East Chicago apartment building.

According to the Chicago Tribune, East Chicago Fire Chief Anthony Serna stated the fire started in the four-unit apartment building and was reported when a neighbor saw smoke. Within four minutes, firefighters arrived and began dousing out the flames. Minutes later, the little 8-year-old came out carrying her brother and the dog.

“She told (paramedics) that she smelled smoke and saw water coming in the apartment, so that’s why she brought them down. She’s the real hero in this,” Chief Serna said.

The fire quickly made its way into the attic causing the roof to collapse. The children were taken to St. Catherine Hospital and released a few hours later with no injuries. The children and  the dog were the only occupants in the building at the time.

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9 replies
  1. Lisa Keith says:

    Why were an 8 year old and a 1 year old alone in the apartment together with no adult watching them? That 8 year old girl was not only brave, but quick thinking and mature beyond her years to save both her brother and her dog out of the fire.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    This little girl is smart beyond her years – she had the common sense to stay calm and save her brother and her dog – she IS a hero.


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