Leitchfield man forgot dog tied to bumper and dragged pup behind truck

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A Leitchfield man told authorities he forgot a one-year-old pit bull had been tied to the bumper of his truck, and on Sunday dragged the defenseless pup four blocks severely injuring the dog’s paws, legs and stomach.


According to K105News, Leitchfield police officers to the call of a dog being dragged. The driver, identified as Charles Weedman dragged the dog to railroad tracks on Highway 54 before being stopped by witnesses. Weedman untied the dog from the chain and went home. When officers arrived at his residence, he stated he forgot the dog had been tied up. The dog belonged to his daughter and son-in-law, Corey and Chelsie Snell.

The Leitchfield Animal Shelter seized the dog named Khalessi and transferred her to a veterinarian for treatment. She is expected to recover however is described as “in a lot of pain.”

“All four legs were skinned badly, some all the way to the bone, and the toenails were torn out… It’s going to be a long road to recovery,” shelter director Jessica Pharis Williams stated.

Cory Snell surrendered two dogs about six months ago after he was accused of animal cruelty. Weedman is scheduled to appear in court on October 25.

(Photos via screenshots K105.c0m)

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14 replies
  1. Micele says:

    Good idea to tie the whole lot of them behind a truck and drag them.
    Then and only then will they understand the pain and suffering that they cause. these people should be banned for life of owning any animal.
    I am truly not understanding why there is not a worldwide public registry with names and pictures of those who have been charged and found guilty of being cruel and negligent to animals.
    I’m also not understanding why it would be so difficult to set something up.
    So much money is wasted on so much other bullshit I’m sure they could find a way to implement this.
    The public needs to makes some noise and demands

  2. Maggie says:

    The son in law should never had this sweet pup since he surrendered to due to bring accused of animal cruelty,!!
    If that was part of the punishment not having another animal, he should be charged for that
    And the Father in Law is doing the same, why chain any dig to anything???
    Surely the dog let him know he was there when he went to the truck,!!

  3. Bev Woodburn says:

    This vile and evil animal torturing psycho bastard Charles Weedman did not forget the innocent little puppy named Khaless was tied behind the truck. This vile and evil bastard deliberatel;y dragged the innocent and helpless puppy behind this monster truck.Tie this monster bastard Charles Weedman behind a truck and drag the psycho monster behind the truck until this vile and evil fuck is shredded to pieces. An eye for an eye. Eradicate this psycho monster from our planet.
    Live a long and happy life Khalessi with a beloved family. Khalessi must not be returned to that vile and evil family.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Oh the pain that poor dog went through. Please do the same to this man and his son in law and drag their miserable bodies over shards of glass.

  5. Diana Rowell says:

    He IS a LIAR! Oh God, I HATE THIS WORLD! I HATE the evil that ALL those in charge of the rule of law are ALLOWING TO GROW UNCHECKED. ALL this WHILE sheriff’s deputies go on to PRIVATE property and SHOOT CHILDREN’S DOGS and NO ONE GIVES a SHIT! NO ONE! I DO wish someone would RELEASE several NUCLEAR BOMBS to extinguish the ENTIRE world. I can’t take this ANYMORE! Dear God, PLEASE INSPIRE SOMEONE TO SET OFF NUCLEAR BOMBS AND KILL ALL THIS EVIL.


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