Last time political activists tortured a donkey: Now they shot a dog

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An innocent donkey in Pakistan that endured horrible abuse at the hands of political opponents died on Monday. Social media users across the country were shocked after a man reported finding the donkey bleeding profusely with the name of a political opponent written across the donkey’s flank. One week later the same group of political activists tortured an innocent dog.

In a horrifying video, which went viral when posted on Friday, the Quami Watan Party wrapped a dog in a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) flag and shot him multiple times at a beach in Bannu. According to the Express Tribune, the dog had been tied to a tree trunk, and as the flag of another political party is shown, one man shot the dog three times in full view of the camera. The dog could be heard crying in agony and visibly shaking as the video ended.

Repeated outcries were made to the KPK Police Jawan. (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police) Within 12-hours, two individuals had been arrested. The brutal act was committed one day after the results of the election had been announced. One of the suspects, Hazrat Umar confessed to shooting the dog in the morning and told authorities he had been urged by another accomplice to commit the crime.

Police took to Twitter to announce the news.

“Responding within 12 hours, #Bannu Police worked throughout the night to arrest 2 culprits at 6:45 am involved in torturing, killing the animal and making video of it. #KPPolice thanks Social Media users for raising the issue.”

(Pet Rescue Report has decided not to show the horrific video)

Hero the donkey’s condition had been described as having been committed by the same group one as a hate crime. The innocent animal had been punched in the face, “beaten to a pulp,” his nose had been broken, and he been kicked over his entire body. He had also been struck by a vehicle and rope burns covered his undernourished body. For one week Hero experienced kindness and love; an innocent donkey intentionally tortured for no other reason than abusive and flagrant animal cruelty.

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  1. I hope the death penalty prevails with these barbarians. I thought Pakistan had strict laws with human violence I hope activists ftom around the world especially Pakistani animal advocates can change the laws ! Sickening!

  2. I’m so glad they caught these people, now they have to do the right thing and throw them in jail for a long time! If the dog passed away, I’m so sorry, RIP little one, you didn’t deserve this.

  3. Glad they caught the scum who did this to a poor, scared dog. Hope their laws are strong enough where they serve jail time. Fanatical political groups better find other ways of showing their feeling about loosing or the opposition party or else more innocent animals will suffer at their hands. More of these crimes need to be dealt with swiftly and not just a slap on the wrist as punishment.

  4. OMG: that poor dog….. WTF is wrong with people??? It would never cross my mind to do something like this…… I just don’t understand why people would find harming an innocent creature
    a “legitimate form of political expression”??? ……..This poor precious treasure…….. his life mattered….. I am sick inside…….

    RIP precious treasure……. Your life was stolen from you….. You didn’t deserve to be tortured and murdered…… please look for MacKitty in Heaven….. you will be welcome to join his group of snuggle buddies…….. so sorry that you were failed so horribly by humans……..

    Find, prosecute & lock the useless POS’s up (and lose the keys)……. They should only leave prison in pine boxes……..

    The POS’s who murdered you will burn in Hell forever for their cruelty……. let’s hope they get there ASAP after suffering terrible deaths in pain, alone, afraid and unloved…….


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