Labrador retriever gets 11-inch branch stuck in her throat

In Warwickshire, England a Labrador retriever is lucky to be alive after an 11-inch branch became stuck in her throat and pierced her stomach. Three-year-old Willow was very fortunate to have survived after she was rushed to an emergency veterinarian for life-saving surgery.

According to the Bilton Veterinary Center in Rugby, Willow had been out for her walk with her owner Helen Speirs when the woman heard her dog let out a “blood curdling cry.” The 11-inch stick Willow had been playing fetch with at the park lodged itself under her tongue and half way down her throat. Veterinarians were able to remove it by sedating the patient and making a small incision in her neck to carefully pull the stick out.

Fortunately, Willow has made almost a full recovery, however veterinarians are warning dog owners that throwing sticks could lead to injuries – possibly even fatal. The video, released on Facebook, has been viewed more than 12,000 times.

“Willow the Labrador had been playing with a stick when she caught it awkwardly and it ended up impaling her into the mouth.”

Warning: The video shows graphic surgical procedures. Click here to view.

(Photo and video of 11-inch branch stuck in dog’s throat via Bilton Veterinary Center)

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4 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Thank God Willow had a diligent caring owner who immediately took steps to save her life. So glad she is OK and made a full recovery – this should be a lesson to all dog owners to be alert to whatever your dog picks up and puts in the mouth.

  2. Red says:

    Oh my goodness….. I would have never thought a stick could be so dangerous!! Thank goodness this beautiful pet had a fast thinking owner who got her immediate help and saved her.
    Thank you to Willow’s owner and to the vet who saved her!


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