Labrador retriever born with dwarfism steals the hearts of rescuers

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Barney is a special Labrador retriever, born with dwarfism, who has stolen the hearts of his rescuers  at Almost Home Dog Rescue in Nercwys, Mold located in Wales this week.

According to the organization’s Facebook page,  five-year-old Barney’s physical challenges have never held him back. At the time he was surrendered, through no fault of his own, his impish personality sent everyone swooning in delight. Yes, his legs are a lot shorter than normal, and they bow outwards, but that doesn’t stop him from playing and doing all those “things” dogs just love to do.

Barney has been examined by veterinarians and is doing fine, except for being overweight. Late last week, the friendly and affectionate pooch  was placed in a permanent foster home where he will be monitored on a careful diet and see an increase in his activity level.

Sure, some dogs have special needs and sure, some dogs have physical challenges, but every life is special and Barney’s happy ending, as he begins his next part of his life makes us all smile.

Live long and happy Barney.

Read more about dwarfism in dogs here.


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