Labrador dogs and puppies being dumped in Erie County

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In Boston, New York, 18 Labrador dogs and Labrador-mixed puppies have been dumped in Erie County during the past week. Puppies have been discovered in Buffalo, Boston, Orchard and East Aurora. Some of the puppies were pulled from a vacant house and others were found wandering on the side of the roads.

According to the Facebook page for the Boston NY Dog Control, there may be more stray dogs wandering around. All of the puppies appear to be between four and six months of age, are extremely fearful and have similar facial scarring. A description of the pups is as follows; the mystery continues:

 “They all have predominantly lab features. Most have been black, but there are a few yellow and chocolate pups. Most are short haired, a few have slightly longer wavier hair. But they’re all the same age, same condition, same scarring.”

If anyone finds anymore of these pups, please contact the local dog control officers to make sure these puppies all get to safety.

Contact the SPCA’s Animal Cruelty Investigators (875-7360) if you have any additional helpful information. 

People interested in adopting one of these puppies, are asked to watch for information at the Buffalo Animal Shelter, Sadie’s Safe Harbor Rescue and possibly other area rescue groups that have volunteered to help these puppies with their vetting, rehabilitation, socialization and love.

(Photos of Labrador dogs and puppies dumped via Facebook Boston NY Dog Control and Erin Georger)

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  1. Breeders who couldn’t sell these innocent pups just dump them. Probably breeding these dogs in their backyards and no one has ever turned them in. If this is due to backyard breeders, then there must be laws to prevent this.Should not be able to breed any animals without a license.

    • You are absolutely 100% right Adrienne – this is exactly where these poor dogs came from – backyard breeders and even licensed breeders do this – if an animal does not sell, has some disability – this is where they end up – on the streets – as far as I am concerned, the word ‘Breeder’ is just a fancy name for puppy mill.

  2. What the F … Is wrong with this lunatic??? I will pray hard for the safety of these innocent defenseless pups.


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