LA Police reports ‘Valerie’ the dog found dying on street was not sexually assaulted

In a suspected animal cruelty case which garnered national attention, Valerie (aka Cargo), a friendly pit bull, adopted from an Orange County animal shelter two weeks ago, had been found left to die on a South Los Angeles street. Valerie was not sexually assaulted at all the Los Angeles Police Department now reports.

Valerie had been adopted from the animal shelter by a Hispanic male – she was spayed and microchipped, but the information on her chip had not been registered according to Ghetto Rescue FFoundation (GRFF). The dog had briefly recovered and within hours of being rescued again, had been happily wagging her tail and barking in excitement. Suddenly Valerie collapsed and died. An exam of the body revealed vaginal trauma. According to the rescue’s social media page, the dog died from a ruptured aorta, believed to have been the result of blunt force trauma.

On Thursday, a report from the Animal Cruelty Task Force for the Los Angeles Police Department states Valerie was not assaulted at all and the cause of her death remains unknown:

“It is the forensic veterinarian’s expert opinion the dog was not sexually assaulted by a person or animal. The opinion of both the treating and forensic veterinarian is that the cause of death is unknown. Lab tests on varying tissue samples are pending to help possibly identify cause of death.”

When Valerie was discovered near 85th and Main Streets, the GRFF described her as not moving and dehydrated. The dog was rushed to a veterinarian and had been suffering from an “extremely swollen vagina,” prompting the rescue to suspect the dog had been sexually exploited. She did not have any other bruises on her body. The observation was not supported by the treating veterinarian or the forensic veterinarian the report stated.

“The dog was recently spayed, possibly in heat and had several litters, which may have accounted for the (veterinary) technician’s observations. …The treating vet did not identify death by aortic rupture caused by blunt force trauma. The forensic veterinarian concluded the same.”

Investigators have since questioned witnesses, executed search warrants, reviewed available video and ordered the second necropsy to be performed on Valerie. They found no evidence the dog had been thrown from a car. Several accounts claim they saw a female Hispanic dropping the dog off “in front of a location, possibly several hours before the dog was recovered.”

Further information from the ACTF report stated the person who adopted Valerie had been banned from adopting anymore pets from the shelter. Updated information stated the person who adopted the dog did not do so for “malicious reasons.”

“Due to events beyond the owner’s control, the dog was placed in a home on a temporary basis. The owner intended on retrieving the dog when his situation was resolved. He was unaware his dog had died and is saddened by the loss.”

The case does remain open. Anyone with information is asked to contact the LAPD’s ACTF at 213.486.0450 or 877.LAPD 247.

Rest in peace Valerie.

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7 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Well somehow this poor dog died, and someone is responsible! I hope they get to the bottom of this and find out who IS responsible. Rest in peace poor pup, you didn’t deserve this!

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    My gut tells me this “story” doesn’t wash. Conflicting accounts and I hope the real truth comes out. It sounds like everybody is trying to cover up something? Surely the rescue knows what the animal looks like when picked up and has seen dozens of these cases, how could they be so wrong? Hopefully they will find out the truth. RIP Valerie!

  3. Adrienne says:

    I do hope they find out with all this testing what actually happened to this dog and if someone is responsible, be arrested. Please keep us informed as to the results of this case. RIP Valerie, you deserved a better life-run free.

  4. Sue says:

    I think this little “update” is because the public was outraged and wanted something done. The police don’t want to be bothered handling it, case closed.

  5. Debbie says:

    This is the most mixed up report I have ever read. What is really going on? What is being covered up? What a bunch of BS. Unbelievable.
    OCAC is still to blame and needs to be accountable.

  6. Star Shekket says:

    Wow the reports of how she died and the 2 guys who adopted her , sounds fishy to me. First they said two guys dumb her body in the street and now its a women. You all are right something is very wrong with the whole story. Sad part is that Valarie is dead and someone knows what the hell happen to her. Just wondering if the cover up is the fact that some of these kill shelters and this free doggie day is not a very good idea, there is no real check on the applications, the information provided by who ever adopted her was not fully correct or check out by the staff. Some of these kill shelters just want to get rid of the dogs and they don’t care for welfare of the dogs bottom line. Somebody or organization is covering this situation?????


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