Kimbo: ‘You think I don’t know? Will I see tomorrow?’

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While everyone is celebrating, wrapping gifts and looking forward to seeing our families, Kimbo waits at Brooklyn’s Animal Care Center. Along with all the other orphans, three-year-old Kimbo waits,

“Why doesn’t anyone want me? You think I don’t know? Will I see tomorrow?,” he wonders.

Sure Kimbo can’t speak, but watch how he pokes his nose through the bars with excitement when someone walks by. Watch how his rear end wiggles as he happily wags his tail when someone walks by. Then watch, how his head drops and his body slumps when no one stopped to pet him and walked out of sight.

Kimbo didn’t do anything wrong. He is young, healthy and adoptable. Humans have failed him; he hasn’t failed anyone, yet he is scheduled to die at anytime.

“Do you think this beautiful boy should be killed just because he is a bit of a ‘wild child’? Sure he can be mouthy, might not have proper manners on a leash yet, and other dogs can send him over the moon with excitement, but this is all TRAINABLE,” a volunteer writes.


Shelter notes:

Observed Behavior: Very sweet. High energy. Did well for all medical handling and procedures.

Safer Summary: Kimbo was soft, social and attention seeking throughout.

Dog-Dog: Kimbo should be placed with resident dogs that are well socialized, tolerant, and that can match his energy.


For additional information, and a link directly to the shelter, please click here.

Reference Animal ID: 50099

I am at the Brooklyn Animal Care Center location.
You can contact me by Phone 212-788-4000
Address 2336 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn NY 11208

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Just an adorable game of hide and seek!

Hold me please

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Kimbo is a loving dog that needs training and guidance to be the best dog he can be. Don’t ignore him, he needs out of this shelter and will thrive in a home. Taking your time with any new animal is a must but so important to learn about the dog as well as the dog learning what is expected of him. Don’t deny Kimbo that chance of a loving, forever home.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Many of us are not celebrating but are shedding tears during the holidays and all year round because we want to save them all–but can’t–no matter how hard we try!

    We must try harder! Please don’t let Kimbo die!

  3. Rose says:

    OH MY GOD he has just the cutest face and that bow!! I wish I lived closer soo I could give him a home and an amazing Christmas!! I hope to god this precious boy finds his furever home! Please god, watch over him. ❤❤❤


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