Kid Cudi: Sweet dog, his ‘stuffie’ and his last sunrise in New York City

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Cudi is a sweet dog, and there’s never been a “stuffie” this friendly pooch didn’t want to squeeze in the play yard at Brooklyn’s facility of New York City’s Animal Care Centers. Young, healthy, adoptable and adorable, no one has come to adopt him, and on Wednesday – the very last day of January 2018, Cudi is scheduled to be put to sleep.

Let’s paint a picture of this friendly boy through the eyes of a volunteer:

 “Well someone got the first part of his name right- he’s nothing but a big KID! Kid Cudi is a magnet to toys and when we went out to the play yard, he made a beeline for an old discarded one. In spite of the freezing cold, it seemed like he could entertain himself for hours… prancing around the yard, tossing a ball to himself, play bowing to his toys. His way of “sharing” his toys involved getting into my lap, stuffie in his mouth, and begging for petting all the while holding his prized possession. What a goof ball!”

And there’s more to be said about this dog:

“Since he is a large, young guy, Kid does pull a bit on the leash but he seems housebroken and is eager to relieve himself. He knows a few basic commands and given his enthusiasm for treats and toys, he’s likely to learn more! Kid does everything to the extreme–including playing with other dogs! He’s high energy and even a little rambunctious at times. Kid is looking for a family that is ready to provide lots of exercise, continue both his dog and human socialization and provide him all the love he deserves.”

Follow his Facebook page here and here.

Kid Cudi – ID# 16537
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years old
Size: Large
Length: Short
Is Vaccinated: Yes
Coat Type: Smooth
Primary Color: Charcoal
Secondary Color: White
Weight: 59.8 lbs.

EXPERIENCE (suitable for an adopter with some previous dog experience, especially with the behaviors outlined below)

Behavior Asilomar
TM – Treatable-Manageable

No young children (under 5)

Recommendations comments:
Due to Kid Cudi’s response to the Toy item of SAFER, indicating possible potential to guard high-value items (though he showed appropriate restraint and did not escalate), we feel Kid Cudi may be most comfortable in a home without very young children. We recommend he be taught the “drop” cue and trade-up games.

Step 2: Go to the red menu button on the top right corner, click register and fill in your info.
Step 3: Go to your email and verify account
Step 4: Go back to the website, click the menu button and view available dogs. It should read, “reserve in progress”. That is YOUR reserve.
Step 5: Scroll to the animal you are interested and click reserve
Step 7: Fill in your credit card info and complete transaction Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC)

More information at Help Desk here.

Read more about the New Home program for at-risk dogs here.

Please share Kid Cudi’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Help Cudi have lots of “tomorrows.” Don’t let his life end today.

(Photos and video Kid Cudi courtesy of volunteers and ACC)

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Need a visual experience of Cudi? Check out his video:


17 replies
  1. Melissa Gurley says:

    Please don’t kill him he’s so full of life there is someone out there for him please give it more time it’s not right

  2. Kathy says:

    I hope someone steps up to adopt him. Given his status as a “pitbull type ” looking dog he will probably be euthanized and that is a shame! New York seems to have a high rate of euthanasia amongst dogs like that!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Beautiful, friendly dog, that loves to play. Needs training but so many dogs you adopt from a shelter all need some form of training. A friendly dog to a person, will be a wonderful family dog too. Training is the key to help these dogs and it doesn’t take a lot to do that. Most dogs want to please their owners once they know what is expected of them and you will be rewarded 10 times over.

  4. Melissa Gurley says:

    Please please don’t kill him give him more time there is someone out there for him please everyone share someone please help keep the comments coming maybe someone will see him poor baby doesn’t even know he’s going to die tomorrow so innocent

  5. Julie Carner says:

    A volunteer adds: Kid Cudi was found tied up outside of Brooklyn ACC just before Christmas (in dog years that’s forever ago!!). He has a lot of energy and can be a handful if he hasn’t had enough exercise, but he is SO sweet and so much fun!! He actually walks very nicely on leash once he’s run around for a bit and is very responsive to guidance (he already knows “sit” and “down”). He is crazy for toys and can carry multiple at once and keeps the party going after I’ve put him back in his cage (one time I swear I caught him using one as a pillow!). Toys might be his main squeeze but he is attentive and loves attention and often multitasks by seeking affection in my lap with a ball in his mouth. He is really very waggy and upbeat and it would be a waste for him not to be someone’s sidekick! Kid Cudi is estimated to be 2 years old, weighs 55 pounds, and is neutered. PLEASE share him!!


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