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‘Keep up the fight Jake’ – Boston terrier rescued from high kill shelter

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“Keep up the fight Jake,” rescuers repeat. Who can believe Jake is only two years old? Rescued on Thursday from a high kill shelter in Texas in horrific condition, how long has this Boston terrier been suffering? His eyes infected with severe corneal damage; his skin bleeding and infected with mange, emaciated, weak and a deep ulceration on his leg and left to lying on a filthy concrete floor, there was no hope of anyone wanting to adopt him.


“Jake looks like the walking dead; a dog that has clearly been suffering for a very long time,” wrote Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Facebook. “Jake is only 2 years old, but looks ancient from the continuous abuse that’s been inflicted upon him day after day, month after month. His best day came when he was dumped at the Texas kill shelter where he lay; half dead on the cold shelter floor.”


“Thankfully the shelter took notice of how critically injured he was and called us for help.” 

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped in immediately and arranged transport for Jake to the organization’s San Antonio veterinary partner where he is finally receiving the care and help he deserves.

“We keep telling Jake to keep fighting because now he is in the best hands and on his way to the brightest future ever,” Stacey continued. “Soon he will have all of his numerous ailments treated, and he will be ready to start his new life.”

Jake will soon be searching for the perfect human companion to smother him with kisses and scratches. He is adorable, and can you imagine how cute he will be once his eyes and his skin are all healed? He is described as very sweet who gets along well with humans and dogs.

To help Jake:


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13 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    What a beautiful dog even with all his physical issues. RDR of NYC to the rescue again and as long as this little fella has the desire to survive, they will make sure he does. We need to monitor the facilities that raise these poor dogs until there is nothing left of them. USDA inspectors need to go after these puppy mills and not only close them down, but put the owners in jail for years.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    TEXAS: Where Assholes ARE BIGGER than DONUT holes!!!! Same on Governor Abbott and the legislation, judicial system , law enforcement agencies that ALLOW< TURN THEIR BACKS < PRETEND THERE IS NO ABUSE ( This case is actually BEYOND ABUSE and TORTURE COMBINED) Castration is far too good for the Bastard that did this… the procedure needs to be followed up by and Enema of high grade gasoline and a lighted sparker with a stick attached used .. IT ONLY TAKES ONCE!!! By BY!!! you will never shit on another animal again!!!

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    God bless you, little angel Jake! Every day you will get stronger and closer to a home filled with the deep love and care you so richly deserve! My sincerest appreciation to all who have contributed to his amazing recovery!

  4. Bunny Peters says:

    OMG!!! What a precious little treasure!!! How anyone could neglect this adorable little treasure is totally beyond my comprehension…….
    I wish he was here in Northern California. My parents had a Boston Terrier who was their pampered furbaby….. she was a rescue dog (& still not sure who rescued whom)…….
    If Rescue Dogs Rock would consider a Northern California adoption, Mom would pamper this little treasure for life……

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    What is with the state of Texas?? They did nothing for Jake except to call RDR for help – which of course, they came through. It seems that Texas takes in horribly injured animals, throws them in a cold miserable cage and leaves them there to literally die on a cement floor. Is this what Texas considers a ‘shelter’?? If Rescue Dogs Rock NYC had not come through Jake would have died right on the crap floor and Texas would have stuffed his little body in a garbage bag and dumped him. Apparently they are no better than the maggot who neglected and abused him – way to go Texas, your reputation for animal welfare stinks – as usual.

  6. pamela bolton says:

    What a delightful little guy, mange and all. Can you imagine how cute he will be when all his ailments are dealt with? How anyone could do this to such a cute little guy is beyond me. I hope Karma bites them real hard for doing this to him. Shame on most HUMANS.


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