Kangaroo broke into family home and panicked as he tried to escape

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An Australian family was shocked on Saturday when a kangaroo crashed through a window of their Melbourne home in the middle of the night. As the animal panicked when he quickly figured out, this wasn’t where he wanted to be, he broke another window trying to escape, but wasn’t successful.

According to Five Freedoms Animal Rescue, owner Manfred Zabinskas had been called to the house for assistance removing the panicked kangaroo.

“I am often asked, “What is a typical day for you, Manfred?” It usually starts with a kangaroo rescue, of course. This morning, again, a call to rescue a kangaroo. But today was not so typical. This time the call was made from the Police to Wildlife Victoria. A kangaroo had smashed through the bedroom window of a house in Deer Park, Melbourne. In a panic, he hopped around the house and smashed the loungeroom window in his attempt to escape. With numerous lacerations from the broken glass, he left each room looking like a scene from Psycho.”

Rescuers named the kangaroo, Norman Bates referencing Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho.

“Eventually, he became exhausted and collapsed at the base of the toilet where the occupants were able to shut the door and lock him in. Due to his state of exhaustion, he was an easy capture and was hand sedated for safety and to relieve his stress. Several calls were made before we found a Vet open and who were prepared to take on this patient. Our enormous thanks go to Dr Michelle and Nurse Alana from Essendon Fields Animal Hospital.”

It’s likely that Norman Bates had been heading back to his own habitat when he became confused and broke through a window. The incident occurred near the well-known kangaroo habitat nearby. As more and more cities are building out, the natural habitats of the animals are decreasing – thus upsetting incidents like this are happening more often.

“His wounds are not all that bad considering what he went through, and the Vet stitched and glued him back together nicely, but our concern is that he may develop the life-threatening condition called myopathy from his shear panic and overexertion. He had obviously hopped a considerable distance on roads as his toe nails were very worn and bleeding – an extremely painful injury. But he is in with a chance, so we took Norman Bates home and into our care.”

As to the family, no humans were harmed. Fortunately Norman Bates accidentally broke into a home with deeply caring humans.

“Five Freedoms Animal Rescue They were fantastic. They didn’t care about the house but cared deeply about the kangaroo.
As one of the residents said, “The house can be fixed but we are worried that the kangaroo might not.”

It is hoped Norman will recover and be returned to wild within a few weeks.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Glad Norman Bates is ok and that the homeowners are so understanding. To have a kangaroo habitat near where you live makes this surprising that something like this escape didn’t happen earlier. Glad everyone will be ok. We need to make sure these animals have the habitat they need to live in.


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