Jurassic Park type 7-feet-long lizard terrifies Miami family

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A Jurassic Park look-a-like – well sorta –  a seven-feet-long, 150-pound lizard – has terrified a Miami area family this past week.  Actually, the reptile is a monitor lizard and are not known to attack people, but just looking at him is scary enough.

According to the Miami Herald, experts have identified the scary looking critter as an Asian water monitor, a large lizard native to Southeast Asia in second place in size to the Komodo dragon. Homeowner Zachary Lieberman told authorities the lizard had been at his back door scratching to get inside over the weekend. Yikes!

And so, wildlife authorities, trappers and hunting dogs have been called in to capture the baby Godzilla – but with a minimum of success thus far. When Mike Kimmel, owner of Martin County Trapping & Removals and Martin County Wildlife Rescue, heard about the situation, he traveled to Davie to help.

“Originally, they were going to euthanize the animal, so that’s why I got involved,” stated Kimmel, who’s known as Trapper Mike and is typically out capturing large snakes. “I knew I could find a home for him, and I really wanted to preserve his life,” he told the Huffington News.

Lieberman and his wife, Maria, who have two small children aged two and four, can’t even hang out at their backyard pool. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have found a burrow near the area where the lizard could be hiding, but despite using dead rodents and chicken thighs, the lizard isn’t taking the bait. Wildlife officials say the lizard has been making return visits because it smells mammals – notably rodents and raccoons in the area.

More than likely it’s someone’s pet that ran away since the monitor lizards are not native to Florida. They are easy to purchase online, and it’s perfectly legal.

If anyone spots little Godzilla, contact officials at 888.483.4681 or online at IveGot1.org. The lizards can be dangerous when cornered, so just call authorities. No one wants him dead – just safely out of the family’s yard and in an environment where he can live in peace too.

Check it out:

(Photos and video of the giant lizard Facebook Maria Lieberman)


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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    I don’t in any way have a liking for the reptile species: BUT I do feel sorry for this guy as his caretaker either lost or more than like it turned it lose!!! Instead finding a place like Reptile Gardens in Rapid City South Dakota that have creatures such as this in a safe environment… I think IT was looking for help and assistance by scratching on the door. Come on.. I hope they capture and Not Kill it…


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