Judge sentenced dog killer to maximum time behind bars for ‘sadistic’ conduct

Maximum sentence for dog killer
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A New York man, who decided to bludgeon a puppy to death with a hammer, has been given the maximum allowable sentence by a judge who expressed disgust with his conduct. According to multiple sources, 31-year-old Aaron Brinkley will be spending two years behind bars for killing his 29-pound dog, Riko.

The crime

Brinkley claims that he kicked and hit his dog because Riko bit his thumb. The dog suffered unimaginable injuries after his owner repeatedly bludgeoned his body with the hammer – after the man knocked out all of the dog’s teeth and “pulverized” his spleen and liver, Riko was thrown on the apartment balcony and left to die.

The sentence

Brinkley’s lawyer asked that his client receive just probation – stating that the man’s actions “were entirely justified” given the circumstances. But Judge Jim Murphy did not agree. As reported by WNYT News, Judge Murphy stated:

“The defendant’s conduct was sadistic, reprehensible and a complete and utter disregard for the life of the dog.”

In addition to the jail time, Brinkley, who has reportedly never shown remorse for killing Riko, is prohibited from owning a pet for the next 50 years. His lawyer, James Tyner, plans to appear the judge’s decision.

(Screenshot via WYNT News)

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  1. Glad the judge gave him the judgement he did. He should have actually had the man executed the way he killed Riko, but Judge Jim Murphy gave the correct sentencing and this vile monsters lawyer sees nothing wrong with what he did to Riko. That lawyer should be disbarred and not allowed to practice law anywhere.

  2. Thank god there is one judge willing to do the right thing. Shame on the lawyer saying it was justified because of what the dog did. No dog deserves that! He should never be allowed to ever own a dog. This judge got it right. The only problem is that the sentence is too short.

  3. New York is changing it’s laws slowly but surely but it’s just not fast enough. At least the judge did what he could with his sentencing. As to the lawyer, it’s all about money, they defend anybody that brings them billable hours. I could never defend somebody that I didn’t believe in. RIP puppy, your life did matter!

  4. We slaughter dogs and cats simply because there’s no room or because nobody gave him a second look. And yet we allow maggot, rabid shits like this to be kept alive funded by taxpayers simply because of our so-called justice systemm?!? It’s not justice. I don’t know what it is but it’s not Justice. It’s a crime. Citizens are forced to pay for shits like this and yet we can’t do anything to stop the slaughter of those precious animals who did nothing wrong. So we slaughter dogs and cats when they did nothing wrong and we keep maggots like this alive??? Paying for their three hots and a cot and medical care. Fuck this shit.

  5. I wish I had a few minutes with this ugly mother fucker I would torture the shit out of this scum. You rotten POS deserves to die in pain and not walk this earth.


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