Jail time for man who shot caged puppy

Jail sentence for man who shot caged puppy to death

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A man who shot and killed his puppy has been sentenced to jail time. According to the Imperial Valley Press, 31-year-old Jonathan Landa Torres was given a 180-day jail sentence, community service and probation for killing his caged puppy in March.

The crime

Torres fired multiple shots at his puppy, who was inside of a cage, at his house in Imperial, California. Torres was reported to have been drinking before firing a Smith & Wesson M&P .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun.

An unusual background

Torres had been a volunteer at the Humane Society of Imperial County and also worked at a veterinary hospital. People who knew him submitted letters to the court stating that he had been a “lifelong advocate” for animals. Torres has offered no explanation for shooting the puppy, but he has expressed regret. His brother wrote, “The death of his puppy will haunt him forever and he is feeling shattered and brokenhearted and fully regrets his actions.”

(Pixabay stock image of puppy)

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11 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    I’m sure he will be haunted forever. He is a liar. He had control of the gun he had and knew exactly what he was doing and needs to be in jail as well as the other restrictions. He should never be allowed around another animal and certainly not volunteer in a shelter or vets office. Use the gun on him for target practice and see how he likes it.

    • Barbara Hartman says:

      Agree with above comments. It needs to be done in a public place in his hometown. I’m so tired of reading how those worthless people abuse, torture, kill these innocent sweeties. Or, better still, post his picture and let anyone hunt him till he’s killed.

  2. Carol Green says:

    This mutant’s credentials and regrets don’t impress me at all. In fact, because of his credentials he should have been held to a higher standard and sentenced to much more than what he received.

  3. Gizmos Mommy says:

    I hope the maggot fuck is haunted by memories for the rest of its life. Personally I think it would be better served to be dead.

  4. Dalma Bugg says:

    This lowlife has to be the ultimate coward to murder a caged puppy with multiple gunshots – a baby animal who couldn’t take cover, run out of range because he was caged plus the lowlife had drinks under his belt to do it. I wouldn’t care if the Pope himself vouched for him, if I were judge he would’ve gotten ten years jail minimum and never be allowed to be anywhere near any animal ever again nor ever get his hands on any weapon more powerful than an old-fashioned water pistol.

  5. Denise Moore says:

    Someone needs to put him in a cage and fire a few shots maybe he get struck by a bullet and maybe he won’t but I’d like to see it happen. What a dump f’k Torres must be and don’t give the fact he volunteered that means he should ave known better than to o such a horrific thing. RIP little dog

  6. Nina says:

    That SCUMBAG should never be allowed to own, care for , or live in a house with pets or children ! He should never be allowed to have or use a gun either !! Those who wrote letters do not realize their friend is not the person they think he is and next time, I hope it’s them instead of the puppy !


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