Is this really a dog? Years of neglect and abuse and thrown into a shelter

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Is this really a dog? Sadly, this is nine-year-old Dustin who survived a lifetime of neglect and abuse. And when his owner no longer wanted to be bothered just feeding his dog, Dustin was surrendered to a high kill shelter in rural Texas – left alone on a cold, dirty floor with no one to care and soon to die.


And here is Dustin’s video introduction. Just check out his condition; he is matted, his skin is infected and he is filthy. Tragically, the dog is blind now because no one bothered to treat his dry eyes with a simple, inexpensive prescription.

Before it was too late for this tiny senior, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped forward to save him on Monday.


IS THIS A DOG ??WHO CAN TELL SADLY Dustin served 9 Long and hard years of neglect and abuse and then he was thrown into a Texas Kill Shelter to die a cold hearted death , alone ,on a cold dirty floor , with no comforts or care Just look at his condition , matted , skin infection , filthy dirty , treated like garbage Dustin is blind now from untreated dry eye , something that easily could have been taken care of with cheap eye drops THIS IS NOT THE WAY ITS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR OUR SENIOR COMPANION ANIMALS Dustin deserves to live don’t you agreeWe do !!!!So we have SAVED Dustin and pulled him out of this shelter Clearly he needs life saving medical care to survive PLEASE HELP DUSTIN BY DONATING TO HIS CARE These precious dogs ONLY have YOU to HELP them HIT THE DONATE BUTTON OR CLICK HERE

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Monday, June 11, 2018

Early Tuesday morning, Dustin arrived at the rescue’s partner veterinarian; his condition was even worse than expected.

“We are absolutely horrified at Dustin’s condition which is even worse than we thought,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, posted on Facebook to update followers and animal advocates.  “Dustin is covered in fleas and ticks, bites, mats; his eyes are closed shut and completely infected. He’s sadly blind now from neglect and failure to treat his dry eye.”

Just look at the poor pup’s back and tail. He is hairless and his skin is red and infected. No nine-year-old senior dog should ever have been so neglected.

Today Dustin begins a new chapter of his life – he will be bathed, shaved and examined. His medical needs are the first priority. Welcome to your new life Dustin.

(Photos and video of Dustin’s neglect and abuse courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rocks NYC)

To help Dustin and other dogs just as needy, please donate here:

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11 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    RDR of NYC will help to turn Dustin’s life around. Unfortunately his eyesight will not get better, but with love and guidance, he will make a good physical recovery. Mentally he will come around with proper care and attention, which RDR will provide before he is even up for adoption. His life will start again today.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Texas again, another dog disposed of after a lifetime of neglect! Thanks again to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, this dog at least has the hope of a better life.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    I wish a PHILANTHROPIST & ANIMAL LOVER WOULD TAKE AND MAKE ABOUT 2 THOUSAND 6’X6′ METAL PHOTOS to hang up at city, town interchanges and a EVERY ENTRY POINT into TEXASS STATING THE FOLLOWING:: “Welcome to our STATE ! SEE the type of PEOPLE a Large Sector of THIS STATE ARE!!! ” WE treat our Animal’s Worse than 95% of and OTHER THIRD World Country … We are Not Godly, Ethical, or Compassionate People , Maybe you best turn back and VISIT a State with so Ethical People in residence!!!

  4. Linda Patton says:

    I sincerely hope the human(s) who dumped him have been arrested and charged with numerous felony charges. They most definitely must go to prison for the torture, abuse, neglect and other horrific treatment they caused him. This can not be swept under the rug! It must be delt with!!!

  5. Gail Calhoun says:

    I recently donated to rescue dogs of NYC and hope others do too-I hope we see a cheerful up date on this dog. I will look for a up date. Texas and Georgia are two places recently in the news a lot for dog fighting and all kinds of neglect. Cock fighting is a means of making money among criminals where dog fighting is happening also–the attorney generals needed to step up and enforce animal protection laws right now–I can not empathize how connected animal abuse is to crime. If we had real leadership from our elected representatives they would gain training and more funding for police to specifically do more about animal abuse–cock fighting–dog fighting is closely involved, and immediately all people would be safer and be happier. These cases of severe neglect would stop, too.

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    And again Texas stands out as the crappiest state regarding animal welfare – WHY when Dustin was surrendered was this knuckle dragging bastard not arrested for animal cruelty???? This little guy suffered horribly at the hands of a so called ‘human’ yet was allowed to walk away – what the hell is wrong with this so called ‘shelter’? They did nothing but turn Dustin over to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC – where at least he will be cared for since Texas shelters are worth shit – I hope this little innocent recovers and gets the safe loving home he definitely never had.


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