investment banker accused of starving dog

Investment banker charged – accused of starving his own dog

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A Manhattan investment banker is facing a charge of “overdriving, torturing and injuring animals” after his ex-girlfriend discovered that his young dog showed signs of severe neglect, reported the New York Post. The man accused of neglecting his dog is identified as 32-year-old Craig Rosenberg.

The accusations

According to the news agency, Rosenberg’s ex-girlfriend, Sara-Ashley Bischoff, became concerned about Rosenberg’s four-year-old Goldendoodle, Bojangles, while pet sitting the dog in June. Bischoff was concerned enough to take the pooch to a veterinarian where it was discovered that the dog was underweight, suffering from dental disease and severely matted.

The criminal complaint against Bojangles’ owner alleges that he  “refused to feed, groom and walk” the dog. The New York Post has reported that the investment banker has declined to comment on the situation. No word at this time where Bojangles is, or what his current health condition is.

(Stock image of goldendoodle via Pixabay free images)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Never let this scum own another living creature and put his name on a list so that doesn’t happen. What a vile person. Hope all his friends and family know what he did.


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