Investigation underway for Titan – dog adopted and shot dead one day later

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The death of a three-year-old pit bull mix named Titan is now under investigation in Dallas County, Texas. Last week, the friendly pooch had been adopted from the Garland Animal Shelter – the next day he was found dead in what appears to have been an egregious case of animal cruelty.

Titan had been at the shelter since March after he was surrendered by his former owner. Over the weekend, his body was discovered dumped along Dowdy Ferry Road. The dog had been shot in the head.


Titan was adopted from the Garland shelter and was found murdered two days later on Dowdy Ferry Rd shot in the head! I want the names of these adopters released! He was supposed to be free and safe. Make shelters accountable of doing background checks on adopters. Adopter has a long wrap record! Titan should NOT have gone to a criminal!

Garland Animal Shelter – TX
Owner surrendered 3/9.
Adopted 5/23-5/24.
Found shot to Death on Dowdy Ferry Rd 5/26.
Rest In Peace, Titan”

Titan’s body was positively identified by the microchip inserted at the shelter. The Dallas Police Department and the SPCA continue to investigate the dog’s death.

Anyone with information is asked to contact  police, SPCA of Texas at 214.742.7722. Report animal cruelty 214.461.1850.

Rest in peace Titan.

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25 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    They seriously adopted him to a criminal? ARE YOU KIDDING?????????

    I can think of several reasons why such a person would want a dog like Titan, none of them good! It would also explain why such a vile scumbag would murder a sweet, defenseless dog: because he was TOO GOOD and not vicious, which is what such a person would want!

    If that’s the case, then the shelter has a lot of explaining to do. They have a hard job, but background checks are a must! There are a minimum of checks they could make that could have kept Titan safe!!!!!

    • LovelyPersephone says:

      there have been an uprising of people doing this. they actually have groups on FB to encourage this fucked up behavior.. just saw a post about it about a week ago

    • Darla G says:

      When I adopted Bogie, I didn’t even have to fill out an application because I asked for one since I was used to it from adopting dogs from other places. All I had to do in this case was show my drivers license and pay the fee. Titan would still be alive if a background check was required.

    • Nickknock says:

      I learned on facebook that a group of women at an Ohio dog pound allegedly sent donated cash and 4 pitbulls, some unfixed, hours away to a woman with a loooong criminal history and a record of breeding pitbulls. 2 groups of people don’t see a problem there– criminals and the group who send the dogs just so long as they get something out of it. Thats just ‘The Sad Truth about rescue in youngstown Ohio’. It’s all on that page.

  2. John says:

    The name of the adopter will be leaked soon enough, and then that pos’s days will be numbered. He’ll meet the same fate you can be sure of that.

  3. Kat says:

    Whoever adopted this dog and then killed him needs a bullet between their eyes! There is no reason to kill an innocent animal! Shelters need to do complete background checks on individuals wanting to adopt animals, especilly pit bull type dogs. Some people may act like they want that type of dog but they only want that kind so they can kill them! I hope they catch whoever did this and show them no mercy! RIP Titan! You didn’t deserve this!

    • Bunny Peters says:

      Agreed!!! OMG: poor precious furbaby……. Precious treasure, RIP and look for MacKitty in Heaven….. you will be welcome to join his group of snuggle buddies…….. so sorry that you were failed so horribly by humans……..

      The POS’s who tortured and abused this precious furbaby have reserved spaces in Hell where they will burn forever for their cruelty….. let’s all hope that they get there ASAP (after dying unloved, alone, afraid and in pain)…….

  4. Marni Montanez says:

    Praying they find the monster who did this. I heard there were cameras or a camera along the road where Titan was shot.

  5. Adrienne says:

    I am sure the shelter knows who they adopted Titan to and I hope have given that information to the police and we should know who did this and why. Suspect as others have stated, probably “adopted” to be used for dog fighting but Titan proved too friendly and was of no use to them so them shot him. They could have easily taken him back to the shelter and say it didn’t work out. Who would know why except the scum who did this.
    Please keep us up to date on what happens. RIP Titan, you did not deserve to be killed like this when you thought you had your freedom and a family.

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    I JUST CAN NOT be “AMBIVALENT” about my feelings about the Whole Damn State of TEXASS!! I actually went for a 5 day seminar in San Antonio and just loved the place… Little did I know at that time about the Horrific Treatment of their Animal Population.. I actually feel the hopelessness that “some” of those shelters and the honest and caring people that are trying to make an effort to REALLY make a difference in abandoned dogs & cats… Hell the Governor doesn’t even MAKE and Attempt to Assist in getting a better and well funded RESCUE and SHELTER SYSTEM going… Greg Abbott SHOULD BE voted the WORST GOVERNOR OF THE CENTURY… I hope the BASTARD who MURDERED THIS POOR DOG that thought he was going to a good and loving home… HE would have a Mortal Accident for trying to escape before he got to the holding site!!!!!

  7. pennysdachshunds says:

    Maybe this Putrid Maggot wanted to sexually abuse Titan and Titan was not going to allow that to happen!! Thus he was Murdered…the only good thing here it was quick although NOT Painless… For ONCE I HOPE The LAW INFORCEMENT AGENCIES “BAND TOGETHER ” and arrest this scum and SEE that he IS PLACED where a Whole group of animal loving BROOM BERGADE MEMBERS DEGRADE this KILLER to the BRINK of DEATH, let him LIVE and get the Job done the second time!!!

  8. Willie hines says:

    I feel the shelter is just as much to blame no excuse here.Adopt to a know crimal.System surely failed Titan .RIP sweet boy.

  9. Jan Barnes says:

    Maximum prosecution! Hopefully, will be tortured in jail for a long long time before rotting and burning in hell for eternity!

    In the meantime, Titan is in heaven with the other angel dogs!

  10. Pamela Garlisch says:

    It seems that shelter will adopt out dogs to anybody just to get them out of the shelter. They don’t care. Was the dog even neutered before adopting out? Probably not. RIP Titan humans ultimately failed you.

  11. Mary Ann Clark says:

    I am so sorry Titan! Please find these murderers and give them the death penalty! If you don’t they will do it again!

  12. Sara-Patricia Mason says:

    This was so wrong, and I hope whoever hurt Titan will be punished–and I don’t mean just a slap on the hand. The shelter knows who he went to. If they won’t reveal the information, they should be held responsable for his death. I hope no one involved gets away with this. RIP Titan.


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