Intentionally starved ‘Champ’ brings hope for change in animal cruelty laws

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Champ, the intentionally starved dog, continues to flourish at his Maryland foster home. After four-and-a-half-weeks, he has gained 30 pounds – with another 30 to go, but what a difference. He loves his walks, he loves to roll in the grass, and he carefully watches for any scraps to fall from the kitchen counter.

Who can believe this is the Laurens, South Carolina dog whose photo of him curled up in the dirt starving, near death and crawling with maggots went viral? Animal advocates were outraged as Champ’s terrible story of abuse and neglect unraveled. His journey began on August 14 when he was rescued.

“His heartbreaking story is that he is the victim of a breakup,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan posted on the organization’s social media page. “… since ‘he was not her dog’, she fed her dogs but not Champ.”

The Justice for Champ Facebook page has garnered nearly 48,000 fans who have been following the dog’s recovery. His photos  tell his story. From the shiny coat, to the friendly outings with other dogs he meets along the way to the hugs and smiles he gives to his foster parents, Champ is a survivor. It is the story of a dog who nearly died, was saved by Rescue Dogs Rocks NYC; and look at him now!

Not only does Champ bring hope that elected officials will see some of the “before” and “after” photos and enact stricter animal cruelty punishments, but also pass new laws prohibiting chaining and legislate to set reasonable  and humane standards of care for all companion animals.

Check out Champ’s video to see where his heartbreaking story started and where he is today. Champ is the hope for the abused, neglected and abandoned.

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10 replies
  1. Terry says:

    This dog held on for hope that would of never coke in time. Why his owner didn’t come back and check on him while Champ was being starved to death if it wasn’t for the quick action of a witness I can not phantom.
    He had a super medical team that some not so diligent would have gave up before they even started that save his life.
    To make it even better has a great foster dad. God Bless you all.

  2. John says:

    Hard to imagine that this “person” could see the agony and suffering and continue the systamatic torture , cause that’s what it was. When will the laws change? This “ person” is suffering psychological impairment. She should be forced into mental health monitoring.

  3. Adrienne says:

    So happy to see Champ turn into the dog we knew he was. Happy, healthy and giving his love to humans. Hope the woman that allowed him to starve serves jail time.

  4. Vicki says:

    So good to hear that this boy is doing well. He deserves all that’s good that comes his way. Way to go Sweetheart.

    Now let’s give the piece of human garbage who did this to Champ a lesson that she’ll never forget. — EVER!

    In fact, what the latest on the miserable excuse for humanity who did this to Champ? Is there a court date?

  5. Dalma abugg says:

    I’m so thankful that this beautiful boy Champ survived his nightmare ordeal long enough to be rescued and saved so he gets to live a wonderful happy life with a family who obviously adore him. As for the perpetrator of Champ’s neglect and abuse, she needs to spend her eternity in company it’s her ex because he’s no better seeing how he abandoned his beautiful dog with such a mean horrible woman.


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