Indiana man arrested for throwing dog into a dumpster

man threw dog into a dumpster
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A man in Indiana is behind bars for allegedly throwing a small dog into a dumpster. According to WIBC News, the accused dog dumper, identified as Mark Hammond, told the authorities that he tossed the Chihuahua into a dumpster behind a Seymour grocery store because he was upset with the dog’s owner.

Hammond told the authorities that he had been tossed out of an apartment by the dog’s owner on March 8 – the woman also accused him of stealing money. Angry, the man decided to pick up the dog, who he claims followed him after he left the woman’s residence, and put him into the dumpster.

Fortunately, the dog was not hurt – a grocery store employee found the pup in the dumpster and called the police. The dog has since been reunited with his owner. Hammond’s behavior landed him in jail, facing charges for theft and animal cruelty.

(Stock image of dumpster via Pixabay)

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  1. Now make an example out of him too many dogs are getting abused in these domestic violence cases it’s the animals that are suffering

  2. GOOD….. this monster was caught. Now….do something other than slap his hand for this act!! If the courts and judges do not start coming down on these a**holes….it will never stop.

  3. I’d like to throw that rabid maggot into a wood chipper a la FARGO. That would be perfect for that SOS. Glad the fucker was caught. Make it a eunuch so it can’t breed any more of the same ilk.

  4. That Little Harmless Dog could have been crushed, shredded, frozen !!!! This Bastard was Angry !!!! HE needs to ‘GET a WAKE UP CALL” and made to be accountable for doing this or It will happen again and again!!! The woman is very LUCKY she didn’t lose her pupper forever….

  5. Thankfully the poor dog was ok. Now justice must b served!! Too many people out there are hurting an abusing dogs/ cats. We so desperately need tougher laws so this abuse can stop!!!

  6. Why is it, these morons have to take it out on the poor dog? He was mad at the woman throwing him out (most likely he deserved it) so do something to her dog! I hope they throw the book at him!

  7. The dog followed him?!!!! Bullshit he used his key and took the dog from the apartment and threw him in the dumpster. I took in a Husky puppy who was thrown in and leashed inside a dumpster in Michigan near a military post near us (We were stationed there) shortly before we were being transported back to MA. The pup was whining and I heard her. Thank goodness she was saved!!!!!

  8. I hope Indiana has the presence of mind to see that this hunk of pond scum named ‘Hammond’ is and always will be a danger – what he did to a helpless innocent and defenseless dog was beyond cruel – this little one could easily have died – and Hammond has proven he is nothing more than a spineless hunk of garbage. I truly doubt much will happen to him since laws for animal cruelty are pitifully inadequate and judges seem to think it is nothing more serious than littering. This bastard needs a huge dose of street justice and I hope he gets it.


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