Alligators frozen in swamp ice

Incredible footage shows alligators frozen in swamp

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At first glance, footage showing alligators literally frozen in a North Carolina swamp might be alarming. But have no fear, these swamp-dwelling reptiles are experts at survival, and though they appear to have perished in the ice, they are very much alive.

The incredible footage was taken at the Shallotte River Swamp Park in Ocean Isle Beach in the midst of the recent cold snap which gripped areas of the nation which are typically exempt from the extreme cold.

The footage showing the alligators suspended in the ice is an example of their winter survival technique – the Swamp Park explained:

They are just doing enough to keep their nostrils above water! They’ll keep the rest of their stationary body suspended in the water. Sometimes alligators will burrow deep in mud holes along banks of the water, for added warmth. During this time alligators will not be apt to eat because of their slow metabolism.

ABC News reported that the alligators at the park sought out the water as the extreme cold hit because the water is warmer than the air. The alligators motionless state is the reptile version of hibernation – for cold-blooded animals, this state of dormancy is known as “brumation.”

Check out the incredible video footage showing these “survival machines” at work, below:

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  1. linda says:

    It’s amazing they can survive under frozen water, but, I am not a lover of alligators. In Florida I was told that assholes tie puppies, dogs to trees to attract alligators so hunters can kill them.


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