Tracking dogs killed by suspected illegal immigrants

Illegal immigrants accused of strangling two search dogs

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Two search dogs from Refugio County, Texas, are dead after suspected illegal immigrants strangled them. According to the Aransas County Sheriff’s Office, the search dogs were deployed to help Aransas and Refugio County Deputies, DPS Troopers and a large contingent of Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens track 14-16 people who fled on foot in an area just north of Holiday Beach in Aransas County.

The Aransas County Sheriff’s Department statement

The incident started with an attempted traffic stop of a north bound vehicle who at one point appeared to be stopping, only to take off at a high rate of speed till it left the roadway traveling through a fence line and proceeding east bound from Highway 35 till it stopped at the brush line where all occupants left the vehicle.

When responding support arrived, all occupants had scattered on foot in the heavily brushed area. Rufugio County offered a canine unit to assist; they brought tracking dogs that were non aggressive, non-bite trained.

With handlers on horseback and Officers on foot, the law enforcement team soon located and detained 3 individuals after United States Border Patrol verified the immigration status as questionable. As the search continued and moved about a very large area, three more individuals were detected in a heavy thicket with two surrendering quickly and a third responded to demands to come out in Spanish telling officers “if you want me, come and get me.”

The deaths

Shortly after the demand of “come and get me” was made, two of the tracking canines were found deceased from apparent strangulation. The department explained, “The collars carrying trackers had been twisted tightly about their necks causing their deaths.”

The arrests

As reported by KIITV News, interviews revealed that the six people arrested were from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras; they were transported to U.S. Customs and Immigration. One of the suspects is believed to be a gang member.

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14 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Put the collars on them and they tighten it enough to strangulate them. We need our borders secure and we have to know who comes in, not run into the brush and hide and strangle two of out search dogs who were non violent,not biting. Scums that did this need to be used as poster boys for reasons we need borders secured. Sorry to be so political, but we have more criminal elements coming in illegally and that must stop.

    • pennysdachshunds says:

      IT is beyond time to take a STANCE in The USA!! We have enough Vandalism , Murders, Thefts, Rapes from CITIZENS of The USA, Many Born in this Country and then those like in this Post… To kill an animal in such a horrific fashion , What he Hell is their Psychological Makeup , Answer in my own opinion They Both would be capable of Rape, Torture, Brutality , Murder… This country has ENOUGH of Our Own that meets this criteria… This Country does NOT NEED to KEEP ALLOWING MORE AND MORE INTO THE USA!!! NOT JUST THE SOUTHERN BOARDER and NOT JUST HISPANIC ‘S . This is NOT a RACIST POST!!! It IS a cry for the RIGHTS of PEOPLE to be able to go to a Movie, Mall, Park, Our Front Yards and Not have to fear for Our very lives… Two LADIES JUST lost their LIVES because people entering here DO NOT THINK they have the accountability to FOLLOW the LAWS HERE!!

  2. PAMELA D says:

    This is a reason why I don’t want these immigrants here bad enough we have enough problems with mentally sick animal abusers who are Americans so this added to the punch. This could have been prevented. Now cut the limbs off of these assholes and have them swallow their hands. Sick POS

  3. Bev Woodburn says:

    Catch these animal torturing Immigrants and kill them. No questions asked just eradicate these lowlife pos from our planet earth. They are the filth on our planet and don’t deserve to breath the air. Just kill the lowlife animal torturing monsters.


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