Husky impounded after killing spree

Husky impounded after killing spree that left nearly 30 animals dead

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A husky has been impounded after a killing spree which left dozens of animals in Tooele, Utah, dead. According to KDVR News, the four-year-old husky, named Nikita, escaped from her home over the Memorial Day weekend and proceeded to kill nearly 30 animals at a nearby home and petting zoo.

Owner is shocked

Nikita’s owner, Mackenzie Morton, is shocked by the husky’s behavior. Morton told the news agency, “I didn’t think she was going to go on a killing spree. I did not know that at all.” According to Morton, Nikita had never done anything in the past which would have predicted her deadly rampage in the area.

The animals who died

Many of the animals who died were located nearby at Trip Kiss’ petting zoo. The deceased include rabbits, ducks, a turkey, chickens and a goose. Another area resident lost 15 chickens as well.

The husky’s fate

The husky has been impounded and she will be held for 10 days in quarantine. Her fate at this point in time is uncertain. Her owner is also facing multiple charges for the attacks, including one for allowing the dog to be “running at large.”

What more could have been done?

After Nikita escaped from home, her owner didn’t conduct a thorough search because it was dark and she didn’t want to wake her neighbors by calling for the dog. She has expressed sadness over Nikita’s behavior and reiterated that she had no idea that the dog was capable of the killing spree that took place.

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7 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    A sad and tragic day for all! My prayers are with Nikita, her owner, and the other animals. Hope this cloud will have a silver lining!

  2. Sue says:

    This is not the dog’s fault. Dogs are hunters of prey animals by nature. It’s the dogs who aren’t that are the exception to the rule. I hope the dog won’t lose it’s life for a mistake that was made by people.

  3. Sue says:

    Did my comment just disappear? The dog is not to blame. Dogs are natural hunters of prey animals. So, I hope the dog will not be punished or destroyed for people’s mistakes.

  4. Adrienne says:

    So as not to disturb the neighbors, she might have prevented some of this or at least got the dog before more was done. I wonder if the dog has ever gotten out before but she found her at those times. Must always have control of your dog and where it is. Sad for owner, petting zoo,others who lost animals and of course, Nikita. Please keep us informed as to what happens to her. Maybe she could be sent to a rescue for huskies to stay there.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    If Nikita’s owner truly cared about her they would have been knocking on doors and searching for her – instead they come up with a lousy excuse about waking neighbors – I don’t blame the dog at all, this is the owner’s fault for their inaction. And this being Utah which has earned a horrible reputation for animal welfare – ARL included – Nikita needs a new home, not to be killed for having ignorant lackadaisical owners who were too lazy to look for her.


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