Dog mummified in a tree

Hunting dog mummified inside of tree

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Have you ever heard the tragic tale of Stuckie, the hunting dog who was mummified in a tree? According to Newsweek, the hound was found inside of a chestnut tree that was cut down by loggers for The Georgia Kraft Corp. in 1980.

It is surmised that the hunting dog had entered the tree while chasing prey and shimmied up nearly 30 feet inside of the hollowed out portion until it got too narrow – by then, he was hopelessly stuck and died. The loggers discovered Stuckie’s body approximately 20 years later – the log, with Stuckie inside, was donated to the Southern Forest World museum in Georgia where it remains a popular tourist attraction today.

According to a biological anthropologist, Stuckie’s body was preserved because of the naturally occurring tannins in the Chestnut oak tree – the tannins absorbed moisture in and around the doomed dog’s body and prevented him from rotting.

Find the Southern Forest World Facebook page here.

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  1. Betty says:

    So if the asshole owner would of call for him he would of found him
    And they you just bury the poor thing
    That is so heart trenching to look at knowing what the poor pup went through
    Rest in Peace sweetheart


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