Hunt planned to find cougar who killed hiker – cougars will be killed until DNA match found

hunters plan to kill cougars until DNA match is found
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If you consider yourself to be an animal lover, you’ll likely be outraged over a planned cougar hunt in Oregon. According to multiple sources, hunters are searching for the cougar responsible for killing a woman who was hiking near Mount Hood, and they plan to kill each cougar they encounter until they find a DNA match.

The story

Diana Bober had been hiking in the area and then she disappeared – on Tuesday, after two weeks of searching, her body was discovered on Hunchback trail near Mount Hood. Officials have determined that she died from a cougar attack and now the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife plans to find, and kill, the cougar that took Bober’s life.

As reported by OPB, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Brian Wolfer has stated that the agency won’t be killing the wild animals “willy nilly” but they will continue hunting for cougars and testing the DNA until a match is found.

Hikers are encouraged to avoid the area where Bober’s body was found until the cougar has been located and destroyed.

Where do you stand? Should a wild animal be killed for behaving like a wild animal?

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  1. Excuse me!? Killing cougars until a DNA match is found? What is that going to prove? That they (so-called wildlife officials) took a life (or 2 or 3) because a cougar took a life? And yes, they will be killng cougars “willy nilly”! That is just plain wrong! Why do they kill animals after a person has been injured or killed? Nature is their home and we humans are encroaching on their territory.

  2. So you Jill a thousand cougars, finally find the one that did the killing—-what happens to those first thousand you murder cuz you’re matching the DNA???
    You should capture then test to put down the right one! It sounds like you just want to kill wildlife kinda like other hunters, big game hunters! You make me ill!!!

  3. THIS IS DISGUSTING. I am certainly sorry for the woman and he family, but A LOT more animals are killed by humans every day than the other way around. Shame on anyone involved with this, and ACTION MUST BE TAKEN TO STOP IT!!!! What can we do?

  4. Unless they are going to capture/tranquilize each cougar and get DNA to sample and release the animal if it was not the one who killed this woman, than that could be a way to not kill each animal. But, do you think they will or would do testing on a tranquilized animal or just kill him/her and then test for DNA? If killed without positive proof, then they are killing willy nilly.

  5. That’s the most ridiculous thing i ever heard, for one thing these joggers and hikers should know better then to go where there is wildlife, I swear humans want all animals wiped off the face of the earth.

  6. No, it’s not right they should even take the “guilty” cougar’# life, after all, it was guilty of nothing other than going about it’s daily ritual of gathering food in it’s own natural environment. If a stranger encroaches on that territory, it makes sense they would become the prey and not given the chance to become the predator. Hikers, joggers, runners are all arrogant and think themselves invincible but this story proves again thst they’re not. They can’t outrun outfox or out-think every other creature they encounter whether animal or human. Leave the cougars where thy are and in peace ALL of them.

  7. I’m very sorry for the woman and her family.

    HOWEVER, she chose to hike in an area where there are wild animals, including, yes COUGARS. She knew they were there. She knew the dangers. No one forced her to do it.

    So WHY are cougars going to pay the price for her CHOICE to hike among them?

    Why should these evil scum kill innocent cougars looking for a DNA match to the one who killed her when it was her choice in the first place?

    It’s crap like this that makes me despise people, especially so called ‘wildlife officials’ who don’t give a rat’s *** about the wildlife the people in this country are delusional enough to think they’re there to protect, when, in fact, they’re there to kill, maim, torture, and destroy them just because PEOPLE decide they should for some selfish and utterly ignorant reason. This makes no sense.

    If I choose to swim in shark infested waters and get eaten by a great white, it’s my fault! Why would they look for ‘the one’ who killed me?

    If I walk into a lion’s den and, again, am attacked and killed, I did it to myself! Why kill the lion and the entire pride looking for the one responsible?

    Evil, evil scum shouldn’t be in charge of cockroaches…..

  8. Are they STUPID or just INSANE! This massacre of innocent animals should warrant felony prosecution! If we murder wild animals for being wild animals, should we kill humans for being human?!

  9. I WOULD SAY THIS is DEFINATELY OVER the TOP!!! When we go into the WILDERNESS AREA What ARE WE TO EXPECT … SHE needed to have someone else OR for CHRIST”S SAKE a PISTOL instead of a Mars Bar to munch ON… She sadly to say CONTRIBUTED TO HER OWN DEMISE!!! DAH!!!! STATE of OREGON!!! YOUR NEIGHBOR TO THE EAST!!!!!

  10. This is pure Bullshit! Plain and simple. That’s like saying you are going to execute every human being for their DNA until you find the right human that murdered someone. Not that I would mind getting rid of a bunch of humans, especially if they are like the morons who came up with this asinine idea. Jesus how stupid can you get!

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