Human kindness needed: Confused senior dog brings tears to shelter staff

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Dara is a nearly blind ten-year-old dog. The confused senior needs human kindness; her struggle as she tried to understand what had happened to her at a noisy shelter brought tears to the eyes of the shelter staff. Details of her arrival at the Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, California are at the best quite murky, but her immediate future lies in peril. There won’t be a list of potential adopters, and doesn’t she deserve better?

“Today Dara and I experienced what we probably both needed. Human kindness. One of the kennel attendants ‘Jacob’ went out of his way to help me get pictures and video of sweet Dara. He got choked up, which in Turn got me choked up. We both witnessed a senior dog so confused. A terrible, terrible sight. The unfamiliar sounds of an animal shelter, the cries of other dogs is enough to make any animal sad, but for a blind senior the sadness is unbearable,” wrote shelter volunteer Sal Valdepena.

Dara struggles to walk and needs to be examined by a veterinarian. She can barely stand for any length of time. Most likely this poor dog has been neglected and needs to know that humans can offer much more than pain. An adopter would be ideal; a foster home would work too.


Follow Dora’s Facebook page here. Share Dora’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. For more information, contact the Inland Valley Humane Society and S.P.C.A. 909 623-9777 —

(Photos and video of Dara who deserves human kindness courtesy of Sal Valdepena)

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  1. Over 130 comments of concern of Facebook link, about this little precious, I don’t think has foster or home arrange yet, but you can donate, for her care, Bless her.

  2. The stories of the abandoned ELDER DOGS in CALIFORNIA ( of all places ) really saddens me the very most, as there isn’t much chance of survival in that State of Healthy Young Dogs !!! Let alone the poor elders that SO VERY MUCH NEED to HAVE a HOME and PERSON/PEOPLE to Love them … Just read “LOVE with DOGS ” this week along 2 elderly gentlemen were able to adopt little companion dogs that would have been put down and See What a difference It has made in 4 lives…. Why doesn’t Frosted Faces step up to the Plate Anymore????

  3. I wonder if this poor thing did have a good life. This makes me sick she looks so uncomfortable. What a beautiful dog.

  4. I will pray hard for Dara. I know she will be adopted because there are so many kind, loving and caring dog lovers out there! My prayers and my love go out to Dara and whoever adopts her. You are both angels and deserve the ultimate best!

  5. There should be facilities to take care of elderly dogs like this just as there are nursing homes for human seniors. I’d rather see tax dollars go towards that than to pay the salaries of our lazy, crooked politicians who only care about themselves and how much money they can make.

  6. Please someone help this poor dog doesn’t deserve to be there I pray this beautiful dog finds a home soon please update thank you


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