Dog beaten with sledge hammer is gone

How can it be? Sledge-hammer survivor is gone

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How can it be? The dog who miraculously survived unimaginable abuse, including being subjected to drugs and being beaten with a sledge-hammer, is gone. His name was Country and he was rescued from his abusive family in November.

Recently, an effort was made to find a loving new home for the abuse survivor. The animal control agency in Cedar Park, Texas, and the Final Frontier Rescue Project, were hoping to find a patient person who would be willing to help Country as he worked to get through his emotional trauma…but Country’s happily-ever-after will never be.

This week, the rescue group broke the tragic news of Country’s passing to Facebook followers:

We are beyond heartbroken to give this final update on Country…

He took a turn for the worse today, and in the presence of his friends, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We are saddened beyond belief and angry at the people who where supposed to love and protect him. Instead, they broke him. We tried our best to join him with his unbroken spirit and find him a beautiful, loving home…but the damage was done.

Country is the reason we step up and become their voice. In this case, we didn’t have the time to make his dreams come true.

Animal cruelty

Please watch out for pets who are in harm’s way. If you see a cat or dog who is being abused, please reach out to your local animal control agency and make a report. Be the voice for those who have none.

Rest in peace Country.

(Image via Facebook)

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4 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    RIP Country.Your life did matter to many, many people and we are very sad that you were never able to be in your forever home but take comfort in knowing you crossed the Rainbow Bridge with loved ones around you. Run free with all your friends and enjoy the freedom from all the pain you have experienced.

  2. Me' says:

    So the police KNOW who did this. We should expect them to do their jobs. Everyone should put pressure on the pd to do arrest the scum

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    We as human beings and Caretaker’s of our Companion Animal’s . have the Responsibility and Ethical Fortitude To WATCH OUT and SPEAK UP for the Torture, Neglect, and Abuse of these Animal’s that ARE NOT ABLE TO SPEAK OUT FOR THEMSELVES!!! I turned in a Puppy Mill in Central Montana That had the Humane Society of the US involved and took a Neighbor to Court ( and won) because of severe abuse of his mule… and I Would do it again in a Heart Beat… and not Look Back..


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