Hunting dogs and deer fall over cliff

Horrifying video shows hunting dogs tearing into deer and then plunging over cliff

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A horrifying video captures the moment that hunting dogs are tearing into a deer, and then plunging over a cliff. The shocking footage has outraged animal lovers. As reported by the Mirror U.K. the deer, and the dogs who were pursuing him, went over the cliff in the western province of Caceres, Spain.

Outrage over the cruel situation

PACMA, a political party which wants to see an end to the mistreatment of animals, hopes to see hunting with dogs banned entirely, reports Metro News.

A spokesperson for PACMA stated:

The cruelty of hunting. A deer and several dogs fall over the edge of a cliff. ‘It’s time to demand responsibility from politicians who are insensitive to the suffering and lives of animals.’

The hunter

Though an onlooker tried to warn the hunter that the dogs were about to plunge over the cliff, the man appears to be rather unconcerned as he unhurriedly walked to the edge.

The dogs who fell over the cliff’s end were taken to a veterinarian but there is no information about whether or not they survived the fall.

The video of the disturbing situation can be viewed at this link. Be warned it is distressing and difficult to watch.

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