Homeless puppy accidentally run over by a car finds help just in time

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A homeless puppy in Rio Grande Valley, Texas tried to find relief from the 105 degree heat and took temporary refuge under a parked car in a nearby parking lot. When the driver of the vehicle pulled away, no one had noticed the puppy was underneath and as the car backed away, the pup’s rear end and legs were crushed from the impact.

When the family heard the puppy scream, they immediately stopped, but didn’t know what to do because they had no money to take the little one to a veterinarian. And so they picked her up, brought her home, and for three days, the little puppy suffered in pain. Finally, the family contacted an animal rescuer in the community to help. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was called to help.

“Lucy [as she was named] was picked up the same day and brought immediately to our vet partner for life saving medical care. She was covered in ticks, fleas, very weak and limping and dragging herself crying,” Stacey wrote on Facebook as the heartbreaking photos of the puppies brought tears to readers’ eyes. “She was given pain meds, x-rays were taken and she has a crushed pelvis on both sides that will require surgery once she’s strong enough.


Lucy is now safe and will be afforded the medical and emotional care she needs so that one day this adorable little pooch can find a loving home. Her medical expenses are estimated to be very expensive. To donate and help, please hit the donate button or click here:

(Photos of homeless puppy run over by car via Leslie Ysuhuaylas)

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  1. What is with the people of Texas??? So you run over a little puppy, claim no money for a vet and take this poor animal home letting it suffer for three days??? Ever hear of a shelter? It was an accident and that is understood, but to sit and do nothing while this tiny being suffers is deplorable. So glad at least he was rescued and out of the hands of these idiots – hope he fully recovers and gets the safe loving home he definitely never had.

  2. So sad, donating, please people donate whatever you can and let’s help this poor little dog have a happy life with no pain we can all do this together to save this pup

  3. What idiots! they should have taken her to the vets immediately and told them she was a stray. they would either helped or told them who to contact. they let her suffer for days. That is so stupid?

  4. This happened is in the Rio Grande Valley. The absolute worst part of the State. Multiple cities that border Mexico. The only shelter there is PVAC and they do not treat injured dogs they kill them. Sorry it took the man three days to get help but he did it the right way which was contact a person who was able to put him in contact with the rescue that can get these dogs help. Thank God for the Underdog Project who was able to get Rescue Dogs Rock to take him under their arms where he has a chance at life. This is a lucky dog. PVAC murders 100+ a day.

  5. Accidents happen….no one looks under their vehicles before moving. HOWEVER…how in the heck do you pick up a wounded puppy knowing YOU ran over it and do nothing for 3 days?!?!?!? Can you imagine the pain this poor baby was in? SHAME on you for not reacting faster and subjecting this poor innocent animal to pain for DAYS!

  6. I hope surgery will fix her up so she can use her hind end. Such a shame she was missed being seen under the car. This happens too often. But little ones don’t know the danger. I hope she will be fine.


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