dog who survived sledge hammer beating needs a home

Home needed for dog who survived drugs and sledge hammer beating

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A dog who has miraculously survived unimaginable abuse is in need of a loving, new home. His name is Country and he was rescued from abusive owners who subjected him to drugs and beat him with a sledge hammer. As reported by News 4 San Antonio, when the authorities discovered the three-year-old dog, he was unconscious from a beating and he tested positive for drugs.

The great survivor

Despite the horrific abuse, Country is still loving. Lacey Clemons, the Animal Control Supervisor in Cedar Park, told the news agency, “He really is a big kid with a huge heart.” On November 26, the Final Frontier Rescue Project wrote:

When we met him on Friday and Sarah Jurgensen Throop took most of these photos, the ACO and staff at the vet all talked about how much they love him and want him to find a good home. Country has been through so much, and he has not yet had a chance to live in a loving home, so we don’t know much about his behavior in a normal home environment.


Country needs a home with no kids and with people who are willing to take a chance on a dog who has been abused. He needs patience and gentle, calm handling. We think Country deserves a chance. What do you think?

According to the rescue group, Country has a bite history…because he bit the people who were abusing him. Because of his history, he needs to join a home with no children. Obviously, this abused dog needs a new owner who is dog savvy and patient – someone who will provide Country with the unconditional love that he truly deserves.

According to the news agency, potential adopters can visit Country at the New Hope Animal Hospital located at 1210 E. New Hope Dr. in Cedar Park. Follow the Final Frontier Rescue Project on Facebook here.

(Image via Final Frontier Rescue Project)

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So happy, just a week after being thrown away

I love you!

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    I watched the Video of This loving dog and I am impressed that this TEXAS RESCUE did such a wonderful job of saving his life and his will to live!!! I have say is was most impress that there are such caring people with this Rescue Group AND that they are fully Vested in SEEING a KIND & LOVING FAMILY …. I have to admit that I know there are GOOD & CARING PEOPLE in TEXAS Too….


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