Hit and run driver struck teen, killed his puppy

Puppy struck by hit and run driver
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Last week, a hit and run driver struck a teen, and killed his puppy in Independence, Missouri. According to KSHB News, someone driving a red Chevrolet Cavalier swerved into 18-year-old Devon Henson, hitting him in the arm…but his eight-week-old puppy, Blue, bore the brunt of the impact.

Henson told the news agency that his puppy was dragged down the street, under the vehicle’s tires – by the time he ran to her side, she was barely breathing. Though Blue was rushed to a veterinarian, the impact had taken its toll and she was gone.

The driver of the car did not stick around to see how injured Henson was…and apparently didn’t care about the young puppy who had just been dragged to her death. Henson’s mom, Claudette, said, “My son could have died, and they weren’t concerned for his safety and didn’t care what happened to our dog.”

Anyone with information about this hit and run incident is asked to reach out to the Independence Police.

(Image screenshot via KSHB News)

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    • That fucker did it ON PURPOSE. He meant to kill that boy. The poor pup was collateral that was totally insignificant to him! POS. He needs EXACTLY the same as he gave them. Or maybe a stint in genpop with a sign tattooed on his forehead:” I AM A USELESS BABY AND PUPPY KILLER” See where that gets him!????????????????????????

  1. Find the SOB .. and tie the fucker to a back bumper of a car/truck .. take them for a DRAG down the highway

  2. May that driver be found by karma and shown what real pain is like!!! RIP sweet little puppy and thank goodness Devon was not injured!

  3. Now this scum is in more trouble than if he had stopped when he hit Devon. If he had stopped he may have prevented the pup being dragged to her death. Such an upright citizen.Wonder if he was drinking or someone who isn’t suppose to be in this country or someone without any brain cells. Who ever did this will be found and arrested. He/she should serve jail time for this heartless crime. Pray Devon and his family and rise above this and move forward. He gave his pup love, and possibly again give that love to another dog.

  4. My condolences on Blue’s murder. Beyond disgusting. Callous disregard for life (of ANY kind)….. find this POS, lock him up & lose the keys…..

    He should only leave prison in a pine box…… This POS will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty (but it would be great if he suffered for the rest of his miserable existence)……

    RIP precious furbaby. You did NOT deserve to be killed….. please look for MacKitty in Heaven and you can RIP amongst loving snuggle buddies…..

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t some drunk scum bag, may be even driving without a license. Prayers for Devon Henson, I can’t imagine seeing this happen to his puppy. I hope they find the POS, they deserve some jail time and to rot in Hell!

  6. Someone KNOWS who this is – and they need to grow a conscience and turn this damn turd in – their lack of consideration for killing an innocent puppy and almost killing a human being is deplorable. Make a concerted effort to find this maggot and make him pay for his cruelty. OR maybe there should be a massive dose of street justice delivered to this jerk – either way – they need to be held responsible for their cruelty, callousness and brutality.


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