Helping Susie: Meanest deed an owner could do to their dog

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What happened to Susie? Surely this senior poodle didn’t just wander away from her soft bed? On Tuesday evening, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were called to help. Estimated to be between 12 and 14-years-old, Susie arrived at a Georgia shelter as another heartbreaking case of severe neglect.

“Susie is a senior who came into a Georgia shelter last night with her eye bulging out and maggots,” wrote the rescue co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan. “She is now safe at our vet partner.”

This is Susie’s video just before she left the shelter:


Susie is being stabilized for surgery in order to remove her eye as well as her remaining five teeth which have rotted in her mouth. She is expected to be feeling better soon.

Updates to follow.

To donate and help, please click here:

Read more on National Pet Rescue by clicking here.

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  1. I give it my best to be a decent Christian, But I am so angry when I see how children and animals are treated. I pray they find the evil ;person who did this to this sweet little poodle.

  2. Thank you RDR of NYC for coming to the rescue yet again. I am sure after she has her surgery and eye removal, she will feel much better. An elderly dog and just cast aside to be found wandering on the road. How do people do this without any caring for this poor dog? She looks so sweet even with her eye in the condition it’s in plus her whole body. Pray she gets a final forever home with a family that will give her the love she never had. Owners should be in jail for life if found.

  3. Tried several times to click on the Rescue Dogs Rock donation link for Susie, but it refuses to connect. Please check or resend the link. Thank you very much.


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