Help needed for momma dog who dodged death twice

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Help is needed for a momma dog who has successfully dodged death twice. Statistics show there are 70 million unwanted animals in the United States. Many of these animals will enter the shelter system, and the majority of them will die simply because no one wants them or gives them a second chance. Each puppy born into the world wants nothing more than we as people want. These simple needs include shelter, a warm bed to sleep in and someone who loves and cares about them. But what about dogs that never find this? Dogs that spend their lives in and out of the shelter system, what kind of life do they have?

Animal Coalition Unlimited believes that every dog deserves a second chance at a good life. PeeDee, a small black and white pit bull rescued by Animal Coalition Unlimited has dodged death twice; a pretty amazing feat for a momma dog who is only three-years old.

PeeDee’s journey started in late November 2016 when she was abandoned by an unknown person in a hospital parking lot in Stockton, California. The poor little gal, who was only eleven months old at the time, was emaciated and full of worms and fleas. She was picked up and placed in a boarding facility where she sat for three weeks, not knowing what her fate would be. Due to no interest from Northern California rescue organizations, the dog was going to be sent to a nearby animal shelter which may have resulted in her being put down due to the high intake of pit bulls.  A Good Samaritan, however intervened, and the dog was sent to Portland, Oregon into the care of Animal Coalition Unlimited.  There the dog was given the name “Pee Dee” in memory of Petey the pit bull who lit up the screen alongside of those famous “Little Rascals.”

When Pee Dee was taken to the Lake Grove Veterinary Clinic in Lake Oswego, Oregon for her intake evaluation, it was discovered that she was five weeks pregnant.  Unfortunately, this put Animal Coalition Unlimited into an unexpected situation. They were prepared to take in and care for one dog, not multiple puppies. However, they refused to abort the unborn puppies for their own convenience. The first goal was to get Pee Dee healthy enough to give birth.  She had been totally neglected and emaciated, weighing in at a mere 36 pounds.   The veterinarian at Lake Grove Veterinary Clinic was extremely helpful and supportive in getting her the necessary nutrients to get her to a healthy weight to deliver her puppies.  An ultrasound detected seven puppies but on December 22, 2016 Pee Dee delivered 10 very healthy puppies.

Since then, PeeDee has been living a good life in a foster home until a more permanent home is found. She wanted nothing more than to be healthy, loved, and to be a good mother to her ten puppies. But on September 21st, 2018 she started vomiting uncontrollably. By Saturday she had stopped eating altogether.

On Monday September 24th, 2018 PeeDee went to Lake Grove Veterinary Clinic.  They took x-rays but found nothing. She was sent back to her foster home with some meds. But the meds didn’t help, PeeDee remained very sick.  Emails were sent to the vet on Monday night and Tuesday morning. The vet responded saying to bring PeeDee in immediately, it was an emergency situation.

When PeeDee went back in, the vet found a large amount of liquid infection inside of her. There was a foot of damage to her intestines. Apparently, she had ingested some foreign object which did some damage when passing through her system. Momma PeeDee is recovering and being given fluids through an IV until she can eat again. This sweet Momma Dog is lucky to once again be alive. And she is still looking for her forever home.

Pee Dee is a perfect dog for anyone without other pets or too many squirrels.  This energetic, adventurous girl can actually climb trees and will chase squirrels.

Interested parties who reside in Oregon, California, or Washington state who are interested in adopting PeeDee can send inquiries to [email protected].

However, Animal Coalition Unlimited is still financially responsible for her and now has a vet bill of $2,000.00.

They have many dogs in their care including PeeDee and nine of her pups, so this has created a financial setback for them.

Please donate to help PeeDee and the Coalition continue caring for her.

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  1. This Beautiful girl needs a chance and a good home… Hopefully there is someone out there that would be perfect companion for her…

  2. Please help give PeeDee a home of her own and a family to love her. She has been thru so much and needs to find the comfort she deserves. Go see her and talk to her. Such a sweet looking girl who will bring someone or family so much happiness.


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