Heartbroken owner issues warning via social media after oven-cleaning kills pets

Heartbroken owner issues warning after death of pets
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A heartbroken owner has issued a warning on social media following the tragic death of her beloved pets. Jana Keller wrote the Facebook post after the death of her three pet diamond doves, who died when she utilized her oven’s self-cleaning feature.

Keller describes herself as a life-long bird owner and though she took precautions for her beloved pets, they still perished from the fumes. She writes of the steps she took to prevent harm to her birds:

I’m familiar with those warnings and I took those precautions. My kitchen window was open. The exhaust and ceiling fans were turned on. The birds were in an aviary in the living room and the sliding door separating the two rooms was kept closed.

Tragedy struck quickly

Keller described the swift death of her birds:

I don’t normally clean my oven in the winter for this reason, but I had some spillage and I wanted a clean oven to bake Christmas goodies. Stupid mistake.  All this happened quickly, by the time I noticed something was wrong, one had already died and the next one died within minutes. At first the mamma bird appeared to be okay. We immediately removed her from our home and sat with her in a warm car. It was no use. It was too late, she died within twenty minutes.

The plea to share the warning

Keller is a self-described animal lover – and someone with decades of experience with birds. But still her pets died. She hopes that her tragedy will help prevent other birds from suffering the same fate – she writes:

I’ve never asked anyone to share anything but I’m asking all of you to ***PLEASE SHARE THIS!*** so that other pet birds don’t die in vain. If I, a lifelong pet bird owner can have this happen, how many other people have lost their pet birds to toxic fumes?
What’s more, if those fumes are fatal enough to kill birds, what does it do to humans, especially our children?

She added:

If you have pet birds and must clean your oven, IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER’S INSTRUCTIONS!! I did and my birds are dead. MOVE YOUR BIRDS ENTIRELY OUT OF YOUR HOME!!

warning after pet birds died

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What a reaction!!

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  1. Absolutely heartbreaking. Condolences from the Peters Puppy Pack…….

    My friend lost her pet parrot in a similar situation…… Another friend lost her pet bird when her young daughter used shampoo on the bird (apparently shampoo is toxic to parrots).


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