Heartbroken dogs stayed with their dead owner until police arrived

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On Friday, Sally and Jack became the saddest dogs in the world. The heartbroken pair lost their treasured human after staying with him until police arrived to find the man’s dead body. The dogs cried as they were separated from their deceased human and placed in shelter cages.

According to the Louth SPCA Ireland, volunteer inspector Fiona Squibb posted on Facebook an appeal for help to find a home for the heartbroken dogs.

Within one day, the post has been shared 2,100 times, “liked” 1,500 times and with more than 300 comments tirelessly hoping to find a home for the bonded pair. The dogs are located in Haworth Rda Ireland. Anyone who can help with Sally and Jack is asked to contact Fiona at the Louth SPCA or email info@louthspca.ie.
Everyone is trying to help pooches. Hold on – a loving home is coming soon.

Don’t mind if I join you!

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Praying for these precious babies. This is the fear of every pet owner, that your precious pets will be discarded if something should happen to you. How sad there are no friends or relatives that will take them in, bless the shelter for at least attempting to keep them together.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    You are SO RIGHT Barkley’s Mom::: we have several special needs : such as our little “Duffy” who needs his wet food on the warm side. rolled up like a little meat ball and placed on a plastic plate on the floor so he can eat them as the people who had him knocked his teeth out and his little mouth is deformed… These beautiful dogs Need to have a very understanding person to take them and understand it is going to take time for them to heal emotionally… I hope the have someone come forward !


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