don't visit this city if you are a dog lover

Heartbroken advocate, ‘don’t come to this city if you love dogs’

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A heartbroken animal welfare advocate has a warning for dog lovers – don’t come to Houston. Why? The Texas city has a dreadful stray dog problem which will break your heart.

Laura Jean titles her Facebook post, #ThisisHouston and writes:

Houston is where you see strays dead in the street from being attacked by other dogs. Where you see a momma and her puppies at a Family Dollar just waiting for nothing because nobody will pick them up. Where people dump puppies in a box in woods with 90 degree heat and they die; suffering. Houston is where dogs are laying in the street or on the curb and cars pass by and don’t even glance at them

Pet overpopulation out of control

She outlines the overwhelming pet overpopulation issue that is resulting in countless deaths each year:

We are the 4th largest city in the United States. Houston and surrounding areas have 5-6 MILLION people. These pictures reflect what’s “normal” to see. You can drive down one street and easily see 10-20 strays/loose dogs. Our shelters have 300-600 animals daily and euthanasia lists sometimes for 100 animals. Healthy dogs DIE EVERY DAY FOR SPACE

The warning to dog lovers

And the warning…for those who will certainly suffer a broken heart if they visit in person:

If you have a love for dogs, don’t come here. Don’t even come visit. Because what you see will break your heart and our mayor doesn’t care. Rescuers have no support from the people who can put a stop to this. Mayor Sylvester Turner, I am so glad you are proud of your city!

RIP to all the animals who die senselessly. I am so sorry you were born in Houston 💔

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11 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    The animal lovers in Houston really need to make some noise and make it very uncomfortable for the powers that be to turn a blind eye to the problem. I’ll bet a lot of people don’t even know about the problem. Recruit, petition, make the media aware!

    • carol richman says:

      i’ve been aware and involved for years in animal rescue and why is this coming to the media now for GoDs sake! it takes a village and lots of protesting! Come on- scream- petition- yell- pick up dogs at risk- flood that dumb mayor with complaints and solutions

      • Candy says:

        Please send me the mayor’s information, and I will flood him with everything I can possible!! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS. I will work alongside with anyone wh is willing to take this on!! I STAND FOR THOSE DOGS AND I WILL FIGHT WITH YOU FOR THEM!!!

  2. Melissa Gurley says:

    What is the problem with this so called Mayor does he get into seeing animals abused I and everyone I know will not step foot in Texas as a tourist until something is done about this you need to go national on TV making people aware of the horrible abuse in Texas start a petition against this so called Mayor Syvester Turner this has to stop we in the north will stand behind you with donations or anything else we don’t stand for this in the North

  3. Susan says:

    There is no political will to do what needs to be done. To end this crisis there needs to be mandatory spay neuter and FREE mobile clinics to do the work. This should be a public function paid by tax revenues. Dial back the subsidies given to sports stadiums. Tax oil companies a little more….find the effing money and do it. But sadly, veterinarians are vociferously opposed to free mandatory neuter as is any other entity that makes money off of an out -of -control pet population; big business and they aren’t willing to part with it, no matter what. Same thing w a breeding ban. Powerful interests will see that never passes. It doesn’t matter how much suffering results, money is more important. Politicians are beholden to those who fund their campaigns and needless to say, animals and those who love them do not figure prominently. Anything less than a breeding ban and free mandatory sterilizationwill do nothing. Incrementalism is useless.

  4. Sue says:

    I tried to share this article, and instead of the article, the share window just has a little black strip across the middle that says “Pet Rescue Report” in while letters.


  5. tw says:

    Get rid of the deadbeats in Animal Regulation and let the private sector take over…the people who really f—king CARE!…I thought it was bad in Los Angeles, this is really inexcusable….too many deadbeats on this planet Period!


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