Heartbreaking Shiba Inu mix with horrendous injuries needs rescue help

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The shelter staff and volunteers at the Polk County Georgia Animal Adoption and Recovery Shelter posted the heartbreaking video of a white Shiba Inu puppy who came in on Monday as a stray. She was immediately taken to the shelter’s veterinarian for emergency care.

Animal advocate Shannon Hicks describes the frightened puppy and is asking the rescue community for help.

“She came in with horrendous wounds. She has what looks like an injury to her face and back. Her back is very raw and open. She also has markings around her muzzle that (in my non expert opinion) looks like someone used something to hold her mouth together – again I am not a vet but that’s exactly what the wound makes me think. I hope I am wrong because that is just sick.”

Check out the Shiba Inu puppy’s video. She is so frightened and defeated; all she wants to do is find a way to disappear. Notice, even with her severe and painful injuries, she shows no aggression.


Because of her injuries, this Shiba Inu is listed as rescue only. Follow her plight here. Please share her information with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

(Photos and video courtesy of Shannon Hicks)

She will be on stray hold until Monday. Reference #39385370

1215 Veal St (585.82 mi)
Cedartown, Georgia 30125
(770) 749-8908

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  1. OMG! Why would someone to this to a dog and still go on their merry way? This scum who harmed this sweet pup needs to have the same done to them without any treatment. Hope and pray that she makes a full recovery and finds a loving home that will give her all the love she needs.She is, if it can be said, one of the lucky ones, to have been rescued and being taken care of. Please keep us up to date on this sweet girl.

  2. The HUMAN POPULATION in Georgia IS AGAIN I SAY IS totally Morally, Spiritually, Mentally, OVER THE TOP “OUT OF CONTROL” I expect to see riots, house burning, and individuals shot down like the very animals these total HEATHENS are Brutalizing , Butchering, Maiming not weekly, not daily, BUT HOURLY::: Where the HELL is the STATE INVESTIGATOR”S, POLICE, ATTORNEY GENERAL and the Apparent NO ACCOUNT GOVERNOR (LIKE ABBOTT in TEXAS ) who just turns his back and sticks his head up his own butt to hide from the Horror of Animal abuse.. Please Call Rescue Dogs Rock New York… they are the only rescue with Compassion Left in the USA…

  3. She looks more likely like a husky mix. Shiba Inu do not have blue eyes and appear as small Akitas…there’s more husky and shepherd about her.


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