Heartbreaking discovery of dogs wasting away on Mexico-Texas border

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In a heartbreaking discovery of two dogs found wasting away on the Mexic0-Texas border Sunday evening, animal advocates wonder how a land of such opportunities and resources has such a blatant disregard for our companion animals. Yet, these two gentle dogs were left on the street; curled up just waiting to die. Their strength has been drained, their bellies cry out for food, their skin burns and itches terribly, and yet everyone in the area just walks by as if their lives have no meaning.


Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were called to help, and co-founder Stacey Silverstein never hesitated a moment, despite the enormous financial strain the rescue of these dog would mean to their animal rescue organization.


“They are treated like garbage and left on the streets to die a slow miserable death,” Stacey posted on the organization’s Facebook page, along with the haunting photos of the two displaced dogs waiting to die as if to finally be relieved of their pain and suffering.

“We just cannot turn our backs on these deserving dogs, so we continually go and try to save as many as we can,” Stacey added.

Both dogs are in critical condition and have been transferred  to an emergency veterinarian hospital in McAllen, Texas for life saving medical attention. They have been named Tommy (brown and white) and Tammy (black pup), and to everyone’s surprise, both are barely out of puppy hood – looking like they do after having been neglected for such a long period of time. Their chances of survival at this time are estimated to be 50-50. In just the few hours the dogs have been in the emergency hospital, life saving treatments have exceeded $3,000.


In addition, on the same day Tommy and Tammy were rescued, another small dog broke everyone’s heart. Meet Border – a small terrier. A volunteer, instrumental in his rescue, tells his story:

“Border is in critical condition! He was found by border patrol on the border of Mexico , barely moving unable to stand and having seizures. We don’t know what is causing this! He is at the point of death and we are hoping we are not too late! He’s been rushed to the only ER vet over an hour away! We don’t know if he will make it through the next couple of hours! Please pray and hope he can survive!”

As of Monday afternoon, Border’s condition remains critical. Originally the medical staff thought he may have been suffering from tetanus or distemper as he displayed a significant amount of aggression. He is no longer aggressive, but his list of medical issues continue to mount. Still, specialists are doing all they can to help Border survive.

View Border’s brief video here when he was first rescued:

Updates to be posted soon.


BY DONATING to their medical care
They deserve this chance at survival

Photos and videos courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC


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9 replies
  1. BA says:

    GOD BLESS THESE PEOPLE WHO SAVED THEM!!! shame on this horrid country they treat animals like garbage and it is disgusting….they aren’t human that they could see such sadness and pain and do nothing!!! SHAME ON THEM….KARMA

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Rescue Dogs Rock NYC NEVER FAILS to come through for abused neglected animals – I hope Tommy, Tammy and Border survive and are given safe loving homes. To those who just ignored their plight I hope fate deals you the exact same treatment – disgusting examples of humans – bunch of selfish ignorant scum.


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