Heartbreak for Lucy as she is led back to shelter kennel for second time

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Poor Lucy – a friendly senior German shepherd has been surrendered by her different owners twice. Over a month ago, she was brought to the Miami Dade Animal Services in terrible condition, yet she waited for patiently for her family to return. And then in the middle of May, Lucy’s luck changed for the better. She was adopted and thought for sure she had found the perfect family who would love her forever.  Tragically, two weeks later, again through no fault of her own, Lucy was returned to the shelter; a member of her new family reportedly suffers from severe allergies.




A volunteer who happened to be there took the above video of Lucy as she was being led to her kennel. (Please note the people present in the video were not the people who dumped her.) She is just a friendly girl and wanted to say goodbye ( or rather hello) to everyone she met on the way. This poor girl deserves so much better than what life has dealt her. Please share her far and wide. The only hope she has is us.
Video #2 

Follow Lucy’s Facebook page here and here.

Lucy’s PetHarbor adoption listing. “I am a spayed female, black and tan German Shepherd Dog mix. The shelter staff think I am about 8 years old. I have been at the shelter since May 30, 2018. Help Miami-Dade Animal Services find a new loving home for me and more animals like me. For more information about this animal, call Miami-Dade Animal Services at (305) 884-1101.
Ask for information about animal ID number A1953369. For future inquiries, please email pets@miamidade.govPlease Visit our website atwww.miamidade.gov\animals

(Photos and videos courtesy of Maggie Rios and Urgent Dogs and Cats of Miami Dade Facebook)

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8 replies

    why do folks adopt these poor animals without finding how others in the home feel about it??? especially a person who has allergies. stupid people.

  2. Christine Brown says:

    watching this video has made me cry if only i was living closer i would have adopted her straight away.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    SO SAD for little LUCY you can JUST SEE the DISPAIR on her little face… I sure hope someone out there in Florida will help this little girl out 8 years is NOT TOO OLD!!! She can give love and kisses and wants nothing MORE than to be LOVED HERSELF!!!

  4. Marni Montanez says:

    Plain yogurt and hot water to make a luke warm mixture. Put all over dog and let set 20 minutes. wash with doggie shampoo. It works so well to help with allergies that people have toward dogs.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    I have a hard time believing these ‘allergy’ stories – why and how would a family not know there is an animal allergy? I am sick and tired of these idiots who adopt and return animals like they are a set of sheets that don’t fit. Animals are NOT disposable objects – AND these shelters need to step up and take the time to make sure animals are going to good homes – not just give them out to whoever – way too many dogs/cats are taken from inadequate and poorly staffed places who are so anxious to get rid of animals they just let them go to anyone. Lucy deserves a safe loving home with a family who will keep and treat her like a family member.

  6. Stephen Phillips says:

    Heartbreaking update from June 19th….

    Pao Mari is feeling heartbroken.
    June 19 at 7:13 PM ·
    Oh Lucy, I want to believe that your flying high among the clouds happy and pain free, forgiving those that abandoned you and broke your heart … this weekend I had planned to announce Lucy traveling to her forever home instead my heart is breaking as I post that she passed away last night in her fosters home. She had a grand mal seizure and passed in her fosters arms. She never got her forever after… her future never got to meet her and shower her with love. I’m so sorry . I can’t help but feel it’s not fair why her why now … I only had her a couple of days with me, what a special little sweet lady she was … and now she’s gone. Thank you to all who helped me rescue her and to Dawn Keith who loved on her and had her when she passed thank you for everything you did for her. My heart is broken and can’t help but feel I failed her in some way. I’m sorry Lucy. Jamie Perez she’s gone she never got her happy after. I’m so sad . Why . Lisa Jarrells thank you for offering your home and heart I’m sorry. She will be cremated and will be with my other babies I have loved and lost .


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