Eerie silence greeted handler of police K9

Handler’s call to K9 partner is met with ‘eerie silence’

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A Sacramento police officer’s call to his K9 partner on the morning of May 18 was met with “eerie silence.” Sgt. Joshua Dobson typically heard a “flurry of scrambling paws” when he asked his K9 partner, Ace, if he wanted to “go to work.” But on this morning, Sgt. Dobson heard nothing.

Sgt. Dobson wrote:

“As I looked at my partner he stared back at me but could not move. His eyes bright with desire, however his body just would not respond.”

Ace had been diagnosed with terminal hemangiosarcoma – before this particular morning, the cancer diagnosis had done little to slow the driven German shepherd down. Sgt. Dobson explained:

“In the months after his diagnosis Ace continued to engage and educate the public regarding police working dogs with appearances on Good Day Sacramento, The SPCA Doggy Dash, and our own K9 Comedy Night. Still a working crime-fighter Ace even deployed to assist patrol units and capture a burglar just weeks ago. Today he was on his way to use his nose to sniff out explosives to keep the community safe.”

Ace was partnered with Sgt. Dobson in 2014 and he quickly proved that he was a force to be reckoned with.

K9 Ace’s accomplishments

Ace quickly “rose through the ranks,” obtaining POST patrol qualifications, explosive detection expertise, and special training to deploy with the SWAT team. Sgt. Dobson stated, “In 2016, K9 Ace acted as an ambassador to the community being the face of our Inaugural “Run with the Cops & K9 5K. In 2017, K9 Ace and I survived two separate police shootings where was right by my side in each critical incident. His steadfast loyalty, courage, and later his cuddles helped me process these traumatic events.”

K9 Ace was more than just a working dog

Ace was not merely a working dog – he was part of Sgt. Dobson’s family. His handler wrote:

“Ace would entice you to play ball when you were feeling down and try hard to pretend to be a “lap dog” when you needed a snuggle. Some of my best memories are the moments of hilarity that would ensue by Ace’s antics off-duty with our friends and family. His drive to hunt for “lasers” was legendary!”

Ace was accompanied by his family when it was time for the final good- bye.  Sgt. Dobson expressed gratitude for the time that he was able to share with his partner and “buddy,” Ace:

“Every day I had with Ace was a blessing. Police work is an extremely difficult profession and only getting harder by the day. Having Ace by my side has added energy, life, and love to my law enforcement career. For that I am eternally grateful and will never forget him.”

Remembering K9 Ace

Plans for a memorial for Ace are being made and will be announced in the near future.
Feel free to leave a message of condolence for Sgt. Dobson, and his family. For those that wish to send a card, the address is 550 Bercut Dr. Suite A Sacramento, Ca 95811

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13 replies
  1. Stephanie Valletti says:

    Rest In Peace at the Rainbow Bridge, Ace. You protected your partner and were a loyal and loving family member. You won’t be forgotten. ❤️????????❤️????????❤️????????

  2. Sue says:

    I’m sorry, having seen what I have seen, working in the midst of it, and then researching to confirm what I experienced, I am sick about the fact that animal groups and so-called animal people actively deny, and resist looking into, or doing any undercover investigative reporting, on what is really happening to these dogs behind the scenes.

    Yeah, our department has had handlers who were/are similarly schizophrenic when it comes to their dogs. They allegedly “love” them, even have cried when their dogs died. One of them wrote a poem about his love for his dog. And yet, when their dogs were alive, these same handlers, like obedient little zombies, went along with the ongoing “training” agenda, which includes nothing short of torture. And lying about it to the public.

    And when the dogs aren’t being used or “trained,” they are kept in solitary confinement in a kennel in the backyard, which is psychological torture for a social pack animal. There is a method to that madness which is too long to go into. On the other hand, are the handlers who love the torture so much that they do it to show off, and brag, joke, and laugh about it.

    The propaganda they put out, like this, designed to garner support and donations for K9 programs, is obvious to me. I wonder if someday the public will see the whole truth.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      And how do you know that the grief this officer and the love this officer feels for Ace isn’t real? Do you have any evidence that this dog has been treated as you say it has? I would venture to say NO!. This is not the place for your propaganda. This is a place to honor this brave dog’s life and service and send condolences to a handler and his family for their loss. We the public SEE the truth and you pointing out atrocities from decades ago and other police organizations as being the ONLY truth is not needed here!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Rest in peace brave K-9 Ace. My condolences to your handler, family and fellow officers, I know how much you will be missed. Another brave K-9 watching over our pets at the Rainbow Bridge.

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    AS FAR AS I am concerned OUR PET”S are “TRUE DEDICATED FAMILY “.. EACH and EVERY ONE of our “FAMILY” including our newest “KID” Molly Mule!!! KNOW they are Number 1 in our book as we Know that we are #1&2 to them… quite frankly the lose of … our of our 4 legged companions for years has been far more devastating than many ” family members” … like the Ace and SGT Dobson and Family… Ace was always there…. our kids are happy. to see us every am and at the very end of the day when they get their last of numerous daily treats.. ( although the change to daylight savings and back is living hell for weeks)ha.. Your pet never asks for loans that will never be paid back, talk trash behind your back when they are mad at you for not cosigning for a motor home. I will indeed keep the Dobson Family and Ace in my prayers… I hope when the time is Right Dobson will welcome another partner into his world… Bless them all

  5. Colleen says:

    I’m very sorry for your loss. RIP Ace! I also have a dog with hemagiosarcoma. She was diagnosed in October 2014 when her spleen ruptured. She was given 3-6 months to live. I decided to give her one round of systemic chemotherapy followed by metronomtic chemotherapy for 5 months. The systemic made her sick for a couple of days but the low dose pills were tolerated very well. I’m just posting this so all the people reading this will have an option that many dog owners don’t realize they have. I wish I could have told you this when you found out about Ace. May your beautiful pup RIP. ????


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